January 2022

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'Coral' pendant light by Arturo Alvarez

Spanish designer Arturo Alvarez has created this series of delicate, organically-shaped suspension lights inspired by the beauty and structural complexity of aquatic life. Encompassing five different models, ‘Coral’ is made of texturised silicone mesh in white, black or orange and the collection was presented earlier this year at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012. (more…)

'Hangover_no.1' pendant light by stockwerk3

Swiss design studio stockwerk3 have created this customisable aluminium pendant light whose form can be easily modified by repositioning of its elements. In total, five various configurations can be achieved and the minimalist ‘Hangover_no.1’ is produced in Switzerland. (more…)

Hang Jack pendant light by 45 Kilo, photographer Paul Schoepfer

Hang Jack is the hanging edition of 45 Kilo’s floor lamp ‘Jack in the Box’.
It is handmade of polished brass and offers 16 outlets for enough power from above…


'Form Pendants' by Form Us With Love for Design House Stockholm

John Löfgren, Jonas Pettersson and Petrus Palmér, the trio behind Sweden’s award-winning design studio Form Us With Love have revisited and reinterpreted one of the most universally recognised archetypes, the light bulb. As a result, a neat 3-piece collection of white semi-opaque mouth-blown

glass pendants is now being produced by Design House Stockholm. Pared-down yet decidedly eye-catching, ‘Form Pendans’ were also exhibited at ‘Form Us With Friends’ exhibition which was on show at The Swedish Museum of Architecture during this year’s edition of Stockholm Design Week.


Pendant light w121 by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Wästberg

As a material, wool is most frequently used in production of garments – in your own cardigan, in a Katharine Hepburn hat or in the modern athlete’s performance clothes – but not so often for lamps. During this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair however, Wästberg has launched a series of pendant lights called w121, w122 and w123s out of this natural and versatile material, designed by the Swedish design collective Claesson Koivisto Rune. (more…)

'Spotlight Volumes' pendant lamp by Lukas Peet

The young Canadian designer and Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Lukas Peet has created this series of steel pendant lamps inspired by spotlights. Presented earlier last month during imm cologne’s [D³] Contest, the ‘Spotlight Volumes’ collection encompasses three glossy lampshades, each fitted with an energy efficient lightbulb at either end which simultaneously illuminate the ceiling and the floor of an interior. The design is suspended with a simple, braided electrical cord and a 1mm steel wire looped around the lamp. (more…)

The award-winning 'Apollo' modular lamp shades by International

Two young British designers and former fellow students Marc Bell and Robin Grasby of the International design studio have created this multiway modular light system which was awarded the Interior Innovation Award at the [D³] Contest during last week’s edition of imm cologne. Made of laser-cut, anodised spun aluminium, the simple-yet-striking ‘Apollo’ series comprises a number of opaque as well as perforated shades which can be layered and customised according to the desired visual appearance and intensity of the emanated light. (more…)

'Pleat Box' pendant lamp by Xavier Mañosa and Mashallah Design for Marset

The Catalan ceramicist Xavier Mañosa has collaborated with Berlin-based design duo Hande Akçayli and Murat Koçyigit of Mashallah on this collection of handcrafted pendant lamps for the Spanish manufacturer Marset. Called ‘Pleat Box’, the series has been developed following an idea of translating a ‘digitally designed crease in a piece of cloth’ into a ceramic material. (more…)

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