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Thu 8.10.

EH&I pavilion 2015 by i29 interior architects (NL)

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EH&I pavilion 2015 by i29 interior architects, photo: Dennis Brandsma & Ewout Huibers

EH&I pavilion 2015 by i29 interior architects, photo: Dennis Brandsma & Ewout Huibers

Interior architects i29 have designed a house-inspired pavilion for Dutch design magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur for an annual design fair at the RAI Amsterdam Exhibition and Convention Centre.



Tue 11.9.

Porsche Pavilion by Henn Architekten (DE)

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Porsche Pavilion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg by Henn Architekten; photo by HG Esch

Earlier this year, a Munich-based architectural practice led by Gunter Henn, Henn Architekten, have realised this fluid, curvilinear pavilion for Porsche. Located near the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg’s Autostadt, the pavilion has been designed to formally echo the dynamic silhouette of the iconic automobile while the structure’s façade has been prefabricated from no less than 620 sheets of stainless steel. (more…)

Close-up of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei; photo © Iwan Baan

Following their iconic National Stadium conceived for Beijing’s Summer Olympics 2008, the acclaimed Swiss architectural practice Herzog & de Meuron and the ubiquitous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei have joined their creative forces once again, this time designing the recently-opened Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012. Featuring a sky-reflecting floating roof suspended 1.4 metres above ground, the cork-clad Pavilion features eleven columns representative of all previous Pavilions commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery to date. Watch the Pavilion captured on film in the video below. (more…)

Thu 28.6.

‘Golden Glory’ and a Golden Workshop by modulorbeat (DE)

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‘Golden Glory’ and a Golden Workshop by modulorbeat; photo by Christian Richters

Together with students from the Münster School of Architecture, Münster-based architectural practice modulorbeat have recently realised this eye-catching, luminous pavilion. Completed in only six weeks, the 95-square-meters temporary structure hosted a series of workshops which coincided with a local exhibition showcasing medieval art of the Westphalia region. (more…)

Wed 29.6.

The Cube by Park Associati (IT)

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The Cube by Park Associati

There are few restaurants whose unexpected location and spectacular views could rival with those of the recently completed temporary pavilion-cum-restaurant ‘Cube’. Commissioned by Electrolux and designed by the Milanese practice Park Associati, ‘The Cube’ can accommodate up to 18 diners within its 140-square-meter open-plan adaptable interior which encompasses ‘a visible kitchen and a single large table that can be made to disappear by raising it up to the ceiling to form a lounge area for use after eating.’ (more…)

Wed 15.6.

Treehugger pavilion by one fine day (DE)

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Treehugger pavilion by one fine day; photo by Roland Borgmann

Treehugger, a strikingly lit temporary pavilion currently exhibited at the National Garden Show in Koblenz, is a truly collaborative project which brought together craftsmen, professors as well as university students from across Germany. (more…)

Café Pavilion by architekten martenson und nagel theissen, photo by Brigida Gonzáles

The German practice architekten martenson und nagel theissen recetly realised this café pavilion in park in Düren/Germany. The architecture of the pavilion is based on a featureless, square footprint. The inside, though, is characterised by archetypal roof forms and ceiling heights for each of the three guest rooms. Together, the barrel vault, the pent roof and the tent roof form a diverse, integrated ceiling landscape that provides a feeling of security and varied views to the surrounding park.


Mon 3.1.

‘South Pond’ by Studio Gang (US)

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'South Pond' by Studio Gang, photo by Steve Hall ©Hedrich Blessing

The Chicago based Studio Gang realised this boardwalk for the redesigned ‘South Pond’ of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Made of recycled plastic milk bottles the pavilion circumscribes the pond and passes through different educational zones describing animals, plants and habitats and provides shelter for open-air classrooms on the site. Their structures, inspired by the tortoise shell, consist of a series of pre-fabricated wooden members interconnected and milled to give global curvature to the surface, creating a column-free space for gathering.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘South Pond’ by Studio Gang (US)