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'Magnum' light by Patrycja Domanska & Felix Gieselmann

‘Magnum’ light by Patrycja Domanska & Felix Gieselmann

One of 20 winning projects at the 2014 Biennale Interieur Award, ‘Magnum’ light by Patrycja Domanska and Felix Gieselmann is a versatile lamp that transforms with a simple hand movement.



'Holo' pendant lamp by Patrycja Domanska; photo by Paris Tsitsos

A young Polish-born Vienna-based designer Patrycja Domanska has recently created this simple metal pendant lamp whose colour changes once the design heats up. Made of spun aluminium, ‘Holo’ is coated with a special thermochromic paint which fades from vivid turquoise to white when the lamp reaches 31 〫C (as seen in the video below). The design will be presented at Designersblock Milan 2012 which will take place as part of MOST during this year’s Salone del Mobile. (more…)