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'Pop-Up House' passive house by Multipod Studio

‘Pop-Up House’ passive house by Multipod Studio

Marseille-based Multipod Studio claims it takes just four days and a wireless screwdriver to build their ‘Pop-Up House’. Consisting of insulating blocks and wooden panels, the structure delivers surprisingly affordable and effective thermal insulation.



'JustK' passive house by architekten martenson und nagel theissen, photo by Brigida Gonzalez

This passively heatable and partly pre-fabricated single family home in Tübingen/Germany was recently completed by the newly founded German practice architekten martenson und nagel theissen. The small lot size, the stated distance to the neighbour houses and the land needed for housing six people led to a tower-like building. In its compact cubature and the fully formulated housetop ‘JustK’ fits into the traditional surrounding of gray tufa buildings from the 1920s, interpreted contemporary.