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Sun 7.7.

‘Helice’ lamps by Sébastien Cordoleani (FR)

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'Helice' lamps by Sébastien Cordoleani

‘Helice’ lamps by Sébastien Cordoleani

A series of lamps with a cane motif in paper and Tyvek by French designer Sébastien Cordoleani, whose work ranges from experimental research-based materials to manufacturing processes, is on display at Galerie Roger Tator in Lyon until July 26, 2013.



'Lots of Paper' limited edition seat by Cecilie Manz

Reminiscent of a supersized origami structure, this intricately engineered and executed, crisp white limited edition seat has been created in 2011 by the acclaimed Danish designer Cecilie Manz. Made of the environmentally-friendly, high-quality uncoated 400 gram Arctic Paper Munken, the complex form of ‘Lots of Paper’ was achieved through the process of tessellation. (more…)

Thu 13.10.

‘Kerameikos’ paper vessels by Siba Sahabi (NL)

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'Kerameikos' vessels by Siba Sahabi

Young Amsterdam-based designer Siba Sahabi has created a collection of handcrafted vases which reference the ‘aesthetic that was originally established by ancient Greek ceramicists.’ Named after the potters’ quarter in Athens, ‘Kerameikos’ is made entirely out of paper and ‘the series conforms to the present day value placed on antique Greek ceramics where the artistic skills and characteristics determine the price of the object rather than the material.’


Tue 17.5.

‘NewspaperWood’ by Mieke Meijer and Vij5 (NL)

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'NewspaperWood' by Mieke Meijer and Vij5

‘NewspaperWood’ is an ingenious upcycled material developed by the young designer and Eindhoven-graduate Meike Meijer who by gluing together multiple layers of old newspapers has reversed the traditional process of paper-making. (more…)

Made from reinforced paper pulp: 'A piece of forest' by Modern Times

DuraPulp is a bio-degradable, composite material invented by the Swedish manufacturer Södra. It is made from wood pulp and PLA (polyactic acid, a biologically degradable polymer produced from corn starch) and can be moulded or pressed into any thinkable shape. After being heated the material becomes stiff and durable. The Swedish manufacturer Wästberg already developed a lamp with this promising material and at this year’s Salone Satellite the young Swedish designers Rasmus Malbert and Johannes Tjernberg from Modern Times presented this series of lamps made from DuraPulp. ‘A piece of forest’ is composed of a variable number of hexagonal shingles which are mounted on the wall or on screen or set together to a collar of small lamps. The light source is a short LED strip, glued into the shells.


The Swedish design and architectural practice Claesson Koivisto Rune realised, in close cooperation with the wood pulp producer Södra, this new table lamp for the young lighting label Wästberg. We met Ola Rune, co-founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune and Henrik Wettergren from Södra at tis year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair and talked about the intresting processing of this piece. Enjoy!

to the Wästberg website

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to the Södra website

'BotoxCloud' interactive installation by SAQ at Zirkumflex, Berlin; photo: Brice Dellastrada

In collaboration with zirkumflex, the Berlin-based design studio and project platform, SAQ has created ‘BotoxCloud’, a reactive lighting installation which echoes the complexity of weather patterns.


'IE-TAGs' by Naruse-Inokama Architects

Small scale and sustainable architecture: the Shibuya-based practice Naruse-Inokama Architects created these beautiful post-its shaped like little houses. The paper is made from wooden waste collected at the construction sites the architects have been working on.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘IE-TAGs’ made from wooden waste by Naruse-Inokama Architects (JP)