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'Breakfast Buffet' by De Intuïtiefabriek for Priveekollektie

Created especially for Chateau de la Resle hotel in Burgundy, France and commissioned by a Dutch art and design gallery Priveekollektie Comtemporary Art | Design, this simple yet functional breakfast table has been designed by an Eindhoven-based design collective De Intuïtiefabriek. Realised earlier this year, the solid oak table incorporates a number of shallow depressions intended to accommodate various serving dishes and beverage bottles. (more…)

Dutch Mountain by denieuwegeneratie; photo by Jaap Vliegenthart / John Lewis Marshall

While ‘Dutch Mountain’ might sound like a rather evident oxymoron, similarly, the eclectic and decidedly curious interior of this single family residence doesn’t fall short to live up to its name. Developed earlier last year by a young Amsterdam-based practice denieuwegeneratie, the house has been designed with an aim to minimise its ecological footprint and thanks to a number of experimental sustainable strategies, ‘Dutch Mountain’ is in effect ‘a house in which the total amount of energy produced exceeds its consumption: excess energy can be used for a electric car.’ (more…)

'Hensen' chair by Kranen/Gille for New Duivendrecht

Inspired by the form of wharf cranes, two Dutch designers Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille of the Kranen/Gille design studio have realised this delicate, angular chair for the recently-founded furniture label New Duivendrecht. Presented earlier last month in Milan as a part of New Duivendrecht’s impressive, 9-piece collection, ‘Hensen’ is available in three colour versions; blue, white and black. (more…)

Ionna Vautrin's sketch for 'Musette'

Known for her penchant for subtle, pared-down and frequently round or soft-cornered forms, French designer Ionna Vautrin has created this simple multifunctional table-cum-storage-cum-tray for the Danish manufacturer De Vorm. Presented earlier in April at De Vorm’s exhibition in Zona Tortona’s Via Novi 5, ‘Musette’ has been inspired by ‘the oriental tables which are used during the tea ceremony’. (more…)

Detail of the five-course 'Dish of desire'

Known for his love of nature, the Dutch designer Frederik Roijé has realised this rather lavish birdfeeder aptly named ‘Dish of desire.’ In its form, the pendant design resembles that of a tiered tea tray synonymous with the indulgent and very British tradition of afternoon tea. Here however, scones, cakes, and cucumber sandwiches are replaced with grains, kernels and seeds as this elegant piece is intended for outdoor use as a serving plate for birds rather than tea-goers. Available in a one-, two-, three- or five-course versions, ‘Dish of desire’ was presented last week in Milan’s Zona Tortona, on Via Novi 5. (more…)

'ICON 03' chair by Jan Plecháč for NgispeN

Drawing his inspiration from the iconic De Stijl Red and Blue Chair designed by Gerrit Rietveld almost one hundred years ago (in 1917), a young award-winning Czech designer Jan Plecháč has created this bold, wire chair for Gispen’s ‘Playing With Tradition’ brand NgispeN. Launched last week at the Temporary Museum For New Design in Superstudio Piu, ‘ICON 03’ can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its durable steel structure. (more…)

'Transcience' mirror by David Derksen and Lex Pott (NL)

With their recent project, David Derksen and Lex Pott – two young designers and Design Academy Eindhoven alumni – explored and reinterpreted the naturally occurring process of oxidation by using sulfur to accelerate and recreate this otherwise spontaneous, slowly-developing ageing process of silvered-glass mirror. By careful calculation and manipulation, the designers ‘stained’ the mirrors thus achieving a beautiful, geometric ombré pattern that is further accentuated by the overall shape of each of the three mirrors. (more…)

Sol LeWitt, Buried Cube Containing an Object of Importance but Little Value, 1968 - Visser collection – Photos Gert Jan van Rooij

An exhibition dedicated to the late Dutch furniture designer Martin Visser has recently opened at Maastricht’s Bonnefanten museum. Titled Martin Visser – collector, designer, free spirit, the show focuses on Visser’s significance for visual art, design and architecture in the Netherlands. On view until 17 June 2012, the exhibition showcases over a hundred paintings, sculptures, photographs and various works on paper from Visser’s extensive art collection, number of works in situ originally developed for Visser’s Bergeijk home in 60s and 70s, as well as eight furniture designs created by Visser such as the iconic 1958 sofa bed BR 02. (more…)