May 2020

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Noorderparkbar by bureau SLA and Overtreders W; photo by Jeroen Musch

Constructed entirely out of second-hand materials, this wood-clad coffee shack has been realised by two Amsterdam-based practices Bureau SLA and Overtreders W. Also located in the Dutch capital, Noorderparkbar was developed in a design-as-you-go fashion considering the source of the structure’s components and the pavilion was completed earlier in spring 2012. (more…)

Social workplace Combiwerk by i29 interior architects; photo by i29 interior architects

Dutch interior architectural practice i29 have recently completed interiors of this bold, brightly-coloured workspace for Combiwerk Delft. Comprising of a 4000-square-meters office spaces, a restaurant and a ‘career square’, the generously-sized metal-clad building itself was designed by the Amsterdam-based VMX Architects. (more…)

Eneco Headquarter Rotterdam; photo by Matthijs van Roon

Hofman Dujardin Architecten, an Amsterdam-based architectural practice run by Barbara Dujardin and Michiel Hofman have collaborated with Fokkema & Partners Architecten on the interior design of the recently completed new headquarters for a sustainable energy company Eneco. Located in Rotterdam, the 14-storey 25,000-square-meters building itself was designed by Dam & Partners Architecten and features a light-reflective façade incorporating planted tufts of greenery which frame windows on the lower levels of the building.


ODE residential building by HVDN/Studioninedots; photo by Peter Cuypers

Two Dutch architectural practices HVDN and Studioninedots have recently completed this vast, waterfront mixed-use development located between Amsterdam’s old town and the Central Station. Encompassing 28 luxurious apartments as well as number of commercial spaces such restaurants and a department store, HVDN/Studioninedots’ building is part of a 200,000-square-feet master plan for the Oosterdokseiland area which ‘consists of high density buildings interwoven with narrow passageways that link enclosed open spaces.’ (more…)

Mon 9.7.

Drug Addicts’ Hotel by Atelier Kempe Thill (NL)

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Drug Addicts’ Hotel by Atelier Kempe Thill; photo by Ulrich Schwarz

The award-winning Rotterdam-based practice Atelier Kempe Thill have recently completed this glass-clad three-storey building which serves as a residential hotel for heroin addicts. Located ‘at a sensitive transition between the square and the park’ in Amsterdam’s Zuidoost borough, the building features an antiseptic, uniformly off-white interior which aims to ‘to offer a calm framework for everyday life’. (more…)

‘Contrast’ side tables by BCXSY

Israeli-born Boaz Cohen and Japanese-born Sayaka Yamamoto, the designer duo behind the Eindhoven-based practice BCXSY have realised this series of simple side tables called ‘Contrast.’ Part of a three-piece collection developed by BCXSY in collaboration with an Irish maritime cultural and educational centre Meitheal Mara, the construction of table was inspired by the traditional boat-building process while its clean lines and geometric form seem to hint at the Bauhaus aesthetics. (more…)

‘Syzygy: Eclipse’ table lamp by OS ∆ OOS

Taking their cue from ‘the sun and its surrounding celestial bodies’, a duo of young Dutch, Eindhoved-trained designers behind the enigmatically named OS ∆ OOS studio have created a three-piece series of lamps called ‘Syzygy.’ Owing its name to an astronomical name denoting ‘a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system,’ the collection comprises two table and one wall light models, each of which demonstrates a particular aspect of the syzygy: transit, occultation and eclipse. The lamps are currently on view at a ‘Craft & Scenography’ exhibition in Basel. (more…)

Fri 22.6.

Studio Drift at Luminale 2012

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The Dutch lighting virtuosos Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift have unveiled their new, dramatic installation during this year’s edition of Luminale fair. Here’s the footage from this spectacular dreamscape on which the designers have worked for six years.


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