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Tue 15.5.

The Sum Of The Parts: MOSAICO+

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The Sum Of The Parts: MOSAICO+

The Ornamental collection of decorative modules takes its inspiration from the fluid shapes found in nature, which are translated into lively designs featuring flowing lines and rich colours

Utilizing modern processes, the Italian mosaic manufacturer MOSAICO+ expands the individualisation and expressive possibilities of this iconic technique, taking it into today’s world.


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Thu 13.2.

Designer Weaves by Mosaico+ (IT)

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for Mosaico+

Crono design by Giugiaro Design for Mosaico+

In a series of new designs by Carlo dal Bianco and Giugiaro Design, tessera become a point in a fabric patiently woven by skilled hands, “an imaginary thread that draws, unites and leads into decoration’s enchanted maze” says Mosaico+.