July 2020

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'Movie' by Rane Vaskivuori / Valvomo for Martela

The Finnish manufacturer Martela recently launched this new modular lobby furniture by the Helsinki based designer Rane Vaskivuori, member of the studio Valvomo Architects. ‘Movie’ consists of only two modules: a seat with a backrest and a seat without a backrest, which can be freely combined to form large sofa groups. The backrest version can also be used alone as an armchair.


'Tears' modular coffee table by Patricia Urquiola

The Spanish manufacturer Viccarbe presented at this year’s Habitat Valenica a prototype of this modular coffee table by Patricia Urquiola. The table can be combined with four different tops and trays.


'Bell-Light' with changeable lampshades by Sebastian Herkner

Inspired by industrial looking spotlights and reflectors the German designer Sebastian Herkner just completed a new member of his ‘Bell-Light’-family. The changeable lampshades are made of copper, steel or textile, the bodies of the spots are manufactured through traditional metal compression process in brass, copper or steel. ‘Bell’ will be presented within the ‘German Living’ exhibition at the International Expo Center in the centre of Shanghai during this year’s Interior Lifestyle Shanghai fair from 13 – 16 October 2010.


'Free flow' by Gordon Guillaumier for Moroso

‘Free flow’ is a new modular upholstered seating system the Malta born and Milan based designer Gordon Guillaumier created for the Italian manufacturer Moroso. Designed for large spaces the sofa’s composition is based on the idea of a flyover – it comprises two upholstered strips, one for the seat and one for the backrest. Depending on how it is used, these strips can criss-cross each other to create an interplaying form, and at the same time, it also allows for back-to-back seating.


GRID art installation

The super flexible modular system GRID, devised by the founder of Danish furniture firm Montana, has been developed and optimised over several years.


'New Order' by Stefan Diez

‘New Order’ – Either Stefan Diez is a big admirer of British New Wave (which would be one more reason to be fond of his taste), or he simply found a fitting name for the new modular and stackable shelving system he designed for the Britsh manufacturer Established & Sons. The basic frame made from owder-coated aluminium can be accessorised with optional elements, including shelving, door compartments, space dividers, trays and castors.


'Totem' by Vincent van Duysen for Pastoe

The Dutch manufacturer Pastoe presented this modular shelving system by the Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen. Stacked to a colourful tower ‘Totem’ lives up to its name. The bodies of the cabinet can be turned independently of each other and are divided into segments by rails. They can be open or closed on one side and you can put horizontal shelves in them.


'Shelving System' by Naoto Fukasawa for Artek

In a world where every new product that’s launched seems to feature some pun in its name, it’s refreshing to encounter the literally titled ‘Shelving System’ by Naoto Fukasawa for Artek, launched at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair. Its utilitarian moniker fits perfectly with the project: a beautifully considered and pared-down modular system, which takes pride in its functionality.

Detail of 'Shelving System' by Naoto Fukasawa for Artek

Made of lacquered birch ladders, painted MDF shelves and zinc and aluminium supports, ‘Shelving System’ is the first collaboration between the leading Finnish design manufacturer and the renowned Japanese industrial designer, whose work is characterised by formal restraint and thoughtfulness.

'Shelving System' by Naoto Fukasawa for Artek

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