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Impressions from Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012

In the last three parts of Architonic’s photo coverage of the nucleus of iSaloni, The Fiera, we’ve gathered no less than 600 images with some of the best, most innovative and inspiring new products and collections from a vast array of international furniture brands. So, here’s what’s in store:


Architonic’s photo tour of Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012, Part 5


including: Pedrali, Sancal, Vondom, Maruni, Ritzwell, Estel, Rolf Benz, Zilio, Bruehl, Miniforms, Fast, DeCastell, Braid, Punt, Ego, Tuuci, Plust, Raumplus, Expormim, Magg, Alternative, Kriptonite, Toulemonde Bochart, Capdell, Erba, Manutti, Koo, Kenneth Cobonpue, Gaber, Rossin, Ton, Scab Design, Kenkoon, Deesawat, Fjordfiesta, Hag, Alma Design, Tao Design, Sovet, Cane Line, Valdera, Boca do Lobo


This year's edition of Milan's Salone del Mobile, as seen by Architonic

With its innumerable coinciding events, exhibitions, shows, launches and lunches that somehow always end up happening simultaneously – and at opposite ends of town – getting to see everything Milan has to offer during the widespread, one-week design frenzy, also known as Salone Internazionale del Mobile, might frequently (read unfailingly) prove to be a Tom Cruise-less mission impossible. But, if, despite that carefully-planned and executed with a military precision schedule, you still have a hunch that you might just have missed what’s going to be this year’s most-talked-about design, worry not. We’ve seen it, captured it and it’s now among some 2000 images which we have conveniently grouped into several thematic galleries. Here’s round one, two, three and four with images from the main battleground, The Fiera.


Architonic’s photo tour of Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012, Part 1


including: Fiera, Moroso, Viccarbe, Mdf, Zanotta, Tacchini, Arper, Bolon, m114, Gufram, Henge, Tribu, Sicis, Rexite, B&B Italia, Casamania, Opinion Ciatti, Thonet, Covo, Parri, Nils Hoger Moormann, Montis, Caimi (more…)

Milanofiori Residential Complex by OBR Open Building Research; photo courtesy of OBR

Translucent sheets of glass reflect the sky above this residential complex, which, together with adjoining commercial premises such as offices, hotels, restaurants and cinemas, forms a multifunctional development Milanofiori realised by a Genova-based practice Open Building Research (OBR). Comprising 107, park-overlooking apartments, the 2010-completed complex ‘seeks the symbiosis between architecture and landscape, so that the synthesis of artificial and natural elements could define the quality of living and the sense of belonging by the inhabitants.’ (more…)

Casa Colombo by Carlo Colombo

Casa Colombo by Carlo Colombo

The Milanese designer Carlo Colombo will present the project “Casa Colombo” at the upcoming edition of Abitare il Tempo in Verona on the 17th – 21st September 2009. The project is based on the concept that a house has to express the thought of the architect and his lifestyle. That way Colombo defines two separate unities assigned to the two souls of a house: the day unity and the night unity. The two unities are separated by water, the natural element to which the architect has a strong connection, that separates but at the same time joints the two zones. The house rises from a square form that creates a hidden mesh on which are arranged the partition walls and pillars, therefore the space appears very open.

Interieur of Casa Colombo

Interieur of Casa Colombo

It is the choice of the interior that divides the spaces and creates a cosy and informal atmosphere, typical of modern living. The night zone has as its centre the large volume of the shower cubicle, the moment of regeneration, fundamental in the fast-paced modern life. The stone of the sink rises from the ground in an harmonic arrangement. The entire house doesn’t have a filter between the inside and outside to unite mankind and nature. It is nearly a primeval house concept, a shelter from the rain, however considering the main expectation of modern mankind.

"A house has to express the thought of the architect and his lifestyle."

"A house has to express the thought of the architect and his lifestyle."

The project will be realized together with Stratex, the leading company in the sector of plywood with which the architect Carlo Colombo already collaborated for the production of a series of projects of ecological prefabricated houses and with the collaboration of important furniture companies to guarantee solutions of quality and design made in Italy.


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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Carlo Colombo presents his new project ‘Casa Colombo’ at Abitare il Tempo