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Wed 26.9.


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he supersized dome of the Farel pendant lamp imposes itself on its subjects with a stylish textured skin and bold, exposed heat sink. Distinct or softened colourways make Farel suitable for a variety of projects


Through research and experimentation, the trend-setting Italian lighting brand LUCEPLAN created their acoustic lighting solutions. The result is a collection of stress-reducing luminaires that not only look good but keep the surroundings sounding good too.


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Wed 23.7.

Koka Restaurant by Bornstein Lyckefors (SE)

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Koka Restaurant by Bornstein Lyckefors

Koka Restaurant by Bornstein Lyckefors

For Koka, a Scandinavian food restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden by studio Bornstein Lyckefors, architect Johan Olsson chose soft lighting using Ascent, a lamp designed by Daniel Rybakken.



Mon 10.3.

Costanza and Costanzina lights by Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan (IT)

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Costanza and Costanzina lights, Radieuse range by Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan

Costanza and Costanzina lights, Radieuse range by Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan

Luceplan is introducing new colours for Paolo Rizzatto’s iconic Costanza and Costanzina lights, originally designed in 1986.



Tue 9.4.

‘Ascent’ lamp by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan (IT)

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'Ascent' by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan

‘Ascent’ by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan

Moving the light source along the stem of ‘Ascent’, Daniel Rybakken’s lamp for Luceplan, the light intensity goes from being turned off at the bottom position to gradually ascending to full light output at the top. Giving the user control over not only the light intensity, but also the spread of the light.




‘Layers’ light installation at the Swedish Institute, Paris, by Daniel Rybakken

A macro take on his ‘Color Lamp’ for Ligne Roset, Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken’s large-scale, outdoor light installation Paris’s Swedish Institute revisits the idea of layering and the effects it produces when combined with illumination. (more…)

Ricochet light, Daniel Rybakken 2012; photo by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken

On the occasion of the upcoming Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair (17 – 22 April), Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken has developed two separate installations which will showcase his most recent designs. Featuring ‘Ricochet’ and ‘Coherence’ lights and ‘Single Flower Vase’, the first project will be on view during iSaloni at Spazio Rossana Orlandi – a former tile factory in Milan’s Magenta neighbourhood. The second installation, on show at Luceplan Temporary Design Gallery on via Procaccini 1 will focus on a wall-mounted ‘Counterbalance’ light which was presented in 2011 and will now be launched by Luceplan. (more…)

'Area' by Luceplan

No, it is not the newest Apple notebook, but anyway, as long as you don’t try to check your emails with it, the flat lamp ‘Area’ designed by the Milano based Habits Studio convinces with a rather innovative concept. The rectangular body is in a thin, white thermoplastic material. Behind the transparent Plexiglas screen lie the LEDs, combined with the latest technologies in light transmission – back light. The result is a perfectly uniform luminous surface with high flows.

'Area' by Luceplan

“The touch screen commands allow the user to turn the device on and off by simply touching the side of the frame. A series of mirror-polished aluminium supports offer myriad applications, whether for a wall, suspension, floor, or table.”

'Area' by Luceplan

'Area' by Luceplan

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The wall lamp ‘Écran’ is the second creation the French designer Inga Sempé designed for the Italian manfacturer Luceplan. Its body is made from cast aluminium. The diffuse illumination, produced by an energy-saving halogen bulb, is doubled to reach the setting both directly, through the white silk-screened glass diffuser, and indirectly, through a slit in the wall support towards the wall.

'Écran' by Inga Sempé for Luceplan

‘Archetype’ is a lamp with a classical shape, inspired by the traditional Scandinavian design adopted by Goodmorning Technology, the Danish company signing the project.

Its exterior structure is in painted aluminium and the internal diffuser is in transparent polycarbonate; integrated between these two elements is a warm white LED and an E27 screw attachment for connection to any standard-size traditional bulb holder.

'Archetype' by Goodmorning Technology

'Archetype' by Goodmorning Technology for Luceplan

'Archetype' by Luceplan

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