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'Face Value' low tables by Rachel Griffin for Earnest Studio

‘Face Value’ low tables by Rachel Griffin for Earnest Studio

Texture, color and cost are the basic building blocks of Rachel Griffin’s ‘Face Value’, a series of low tables each made of three interlocking panels.



'Vuoristo' low table by Studio Fabien Barrero+Carsenat

‘Vuoristo’ low table by Studio Fabien Barrero+Carsenat

The reliefs and snowy landscapes of Finland are echoed in Fabien Barrero’s ‘Vuoristo’ (Finnish for mountain) low table, with rocky peaks made of volcanic stone that rise above the table like summits piercing through clouds below.



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‘Low Table’ by Marina Bautier for MA (BE)

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'Low Table' by Marina Bautier for MA

‘Low Table’ by Marina Bautier for MA

Belgian designer Marina Bautier has designed a series of solid wood low tables for her new design brand ‘MA’ that, with rounded corners and a tapered shape, resemble plastic storage containers.



Hyde version of the ‘Float’ table by Luca Nichetto for La Chance; photo by Stanislas Wolff

Bold, inverted conical sphere seems to balance on its apex in Luca Nichetto‘s latest table design for the recently-launched French furniture brand La Chance. Aptly named ‘Float’, the seemingly simple, uncomplicated form of the table has been achieved thanks to the complex metal leaf turnery technology which is normally employed in aircraft production. Featuring a reflective, mirrored base, ‘Float’ is available in two colour versions: high-gloss Lamborghini yellow or sombre matte grey aluminium finish. The design was unveiled, along with La Chance’s debut ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ collection, during this year’s Salone del Mobile at MOST. (more…)

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‘Meet’ ottoman and table by Sara Larsson for A2 (SE)

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‘Meet’ ottomans and low tables by A2

Sara Larsson of the young Swedish design brand A2 has realised this series of pentagonal ottomans and low tables called ‘Meet’. Composed of a geometric, oiled oak frame and upholstered seat (in the case of the ottoman), the designs can be linked together allowing for endless configurations. Both the ottoman as well as the table are made in in Småland, southern Sweden, and are available in a wide variety of colours. (more…)

Boing! Low table by Gotwob

Boing! is a collection of low tables. The top part is designed as a matt lacquered tray with natural oak handles. The bottom part is a storage covered with fabric both in and outside. The design is soft in all aspects. It is curvy both in lacquered and upholstery parts. It is a light weighted and stackable product, very easy to set up with simple details. (more…)

Tilted 'Wireframes' by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia

Tilted 'Wireframes' by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia

The difficulty is simplicity – at least when it comes to glas furniture. The Italian company Glas Italia is one of the most capable manufacturers in this field. Since almost 40 years Glas Italia avails itself of the collaboration of renowned designers who have full freedom to experimenting on the technologically advanced productive plants made available by the company.

The colaboration between Glas Italia and Piero Lissoni has been going on for many years and the newest family designed by the Milan-based architect demonstrates once again the extraordinary skills of the manufacturer.

'Wireframe' by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia

'Wireframe' by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia

‘Wireframe’ is a series of twisted and irregular, parallelepiped shaped low tables, obtained by gluing tempered transparent extra-light glass slabs, whose edges have grinding angles with each of their inclinations completely different from the other ones. The result is an apparently unstable and precariously balanced low table. The edges are enhanced by a green or orange coloured line.

Dimensions: 40 x 38 cm x H 45 cm / 75 x 87 cm x H 25 cm / 60 x 57cm x H 30 cm

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'Tio' indoor/outdoor collection by Massproduction

'Tio' indoor/outdoor collection by Massproductions

The British and Swedish designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck formed their company Massproductions after ten years working side by side as consultants for the furniture industry. In February this year they presented their first collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Their wire chair ‘Tio’ is special for its exceptional comfort, using a minimal amount of materials. The ‘Tio’ family consists of a chair, an easy chair, a low table and a coffee table. All the pieces are stackable and made of powder coated steel wire.

All pieces are stackable

All pieces are stackable

'Tio' table

'Tio' table

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