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Carmody Groarke's temporary 'Studio Dining East' space for restaurant Bistrotheque afforded views of the 2012 Olympics site in development; photo ©

With the 2012 Olympics coming round that last bend and into view, this year’s geographic-route-fixated London Festival of Architecture decided on ‘The Welcoming City’ as its theme. But just how welcome was that as an idea…


Superblue's 'Giant Knitting Nancy' installation/happening in Canary Wharf's Jubilee Park for the London Festival of Architecture

Once the preserve of old ladies on cold nights, knitting has become the basis of a large-scale, outdoor, interactive architectural installation, thanks to London-based design studio Superblue. As part of the London Festival of Architecture, and based on the traditional ‘Knitting Nancy’ toy, ‘Giant Knitting Nancy’ was created by members of the public who were invited to knit it themselves.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Giant Knitting Nancy’ by Superblue for the London Festival of Architecture (UK)