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'Bronzit Series B' glassware by Josef Hoffmann for Lobmeyr

‘Bronzit Series B’ glassware by Josef Hoffmann for Lobmeyr

One hundred years ago, in 1914, Austrian glassware company J. & L. Lobmeyr began a collaboration with modernist architect and designer Josef Hoffmann. It led to the creation of ‘Bronzit Series B’, a series of iconic pieces with columned vertical and horizontal lines which can now be found in museum collections all over the world.



'Misfit' glass Object by Judith Seng and Alex Valder in Cooperation with Lobmeyr

Together with Alex Valder Judith Seng explores the high number of factory seconds (70%) as taboos within productions in cooperation with the vienna based glas manufactory Lobmeyr. In order to reveal a different quality which demands an independent evaluation beyond common standards 12 objects were reassembled out of high quality waste glasses.


'One Crystal Chandelier' by Thomas Feichtner for Lobmeyr

The multi-award-winning Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner has recently unveiled his latest pendant lamp design created for the renowned Viennese crystal specialists, Lobmeyr. A contemporary reinterpretation of Lobmeyr’s traditionally opulent chandeliers, Feichtner’s strikingly simple, reduced ‘One Crystal Chandelier‘ consists of a black cable enclosed within a plain bent metal tube, and a single hand-cut crystal which is suspended above the end of the brass structure and lit from below by an LED. (more…)

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘One Crystal Chandelier’ by Thomas Feichtner for Lobmeyr (AT)