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Thu 12.4.

Lampion Vase by Laura Strasser (D)

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Lampion Vase by Laura Strasser


‘Lampion’ is manufactured in Jingdezhen. The particular relief technique, that decorates the upper part of the lampshade, produces a stunning visual effect that only becomes visible when the lamp is switched on. The result is possible thanks to waver-thin, bright white porcelain of which the lamp duo is made.


'Rice' dinnerware collection by Studio Laura Strasser for JIA Inc.

A young German designer and founder of her namesake studio Laura Strasser has developed this delicate, milky-white set of porcelaine dinnerware in collaboration with a Hong Kong-based manufacturer JIA Inc.. Named after the century-old, traditional Chinese rice grain technique employed in its production process, ‘Rice’ features a subtle, translucent cut-out pattern reminiscent of rice grains. (more…)

'Milchmomente' by Milia Seyppel and Laura Strassr, photo by Nina Struve und Milia Seyppel

The German designers Milia Seyppel and Laura Strasser designed the beautiful bowl ‘Milchmomente’ some years ago. It has been worth waiting because finally it is available in fine porcelain, manufactured in cooperation with the Porzellanmanufaktur Reichenbach in Thuringia.


'14%' by Laura Strasser

“Reproduction of the Reproduction of the Reproduction… ” – this explains, basically, the production process of Laura Strasser’s porcelain pendant light. The young German designer took advantage of an normally bothersome characteristic of the porcelain’s baking process: a shrinkage of 14%. Her collection of pendant lights consists of nine lampshades – every lamp bonnet is a reproduction of the previous one, which is, in turn, a copy of a preceding bonnet. In such a sequence therefore, the bonnets become 14% smaller with each phase.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Making Of ‘14%’ by Laura Strasser (DE)