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‘Syzygy: Eclipse’ table lamp by OS ∆ OOS

Taking their cue from ‘the sun and its surrounding celestial bodies’, a duo of young Dutch, Eindhoved-trained designers behind the enigmatically named OS ∆ OOS studio have created a three-piece series of lamps called ‘Syzygy.’ Owing its name to an astronomical name denoting ‘a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system,’ the collection comprises two table and one wall light models, each of which demonstrates a particular aspect of the syzygy: transit, occultation and eclipse. The lamps are currently on view at a ‘Craft & Scenography’ exhibition in Basel. (more…)

Thu 23.6.

‘FIELD’ lamp by Arnaud Lapierre (FR)

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Arnaud Lapierre's aluminium and LED 'FIELD' lamp collection, which has picked up a 2011 Audi Talents Award

Paris-based designer Arnaud Lapierre has been recognised by the 2011 Audi Talents Awards scheme for his collection of ‘FIELD’ lamps, pieces that marry LED technology with an industrially inspired use of aluminium. (more…)

Thu 9.6.

‘Osux’ lamp by CreativeAffairs (ES)

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'Osux' floor lamp by CreativeAffairs

‘Osux’ is a collection of three anodized-spun-aluminium and powder-coated steel lamps realised by the Barcelona-based multidisciplinary design studio CreativeAffairs. Designed in 2011, the series ‘is based on the idea of spinning, repetition and symmetry’ and encompasses a floor, table and pendant models, all of which feature a distinctive brightly-coloured exposed cable. (more…)

Tue 31.5.

Clerkenwell Design Week: ‘Poly’ light by Scene (UK)

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'Poly' light by Scene; photo courtesy of Scene

The London-based design studio Scene has created this new sculptural ‘Poly’ light which was presented as part of the A.S.A.P collective’s exhibition during this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week. Inspired by the geodesic sphere, the white high-gloss aluminium lamp is constructed from multiple triangular segments which enclose the lightbulb within a metallic golden-coloured interior and the design can be either displayed on a flat surface or suspended as a pendant. (more…)

Wed 25.5.

‘Siluett’ lamp by Malin Sköld for Bsweden (SE)

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'Siluett' lamps by Malin Sköld for Bsweden; photo courtesy of Bsweden

‘Siluett’ is a series of brightly-coloured translucent lamps designed by Malin Sköld for the Swedish lighting manufacturer Bsweden. Inspired by an archetypical graphic outline of a lamp, ‘Siluett’ creates an illusion by appearing to be a flat two-dimensional form when seen directly up front. Executed in semi-transparent acrylic, the simple yet imaginative design gives a soft tinted glow and is available in two different sizes and more than 20 colours. (more…)

Magnetic lamp by Serener.org for Functionals

Still a prototype but soon in production: the Dutch designer duo Jan Willem Hofma and Christoph Seyferth, together they are Serener.org, developed this magnetic multi-purpose lamp for the Dutch manufacturer Functionals.

A magnetized base allows the lamp to be placed on any iron object such as a steel table, shelf or radiator.


Orcadesign's 'Sleeve Lamp Table', which marries two traditionally discrete object types – the table and the lamp

Singapore-based multi-disciplinary design consultancy Orcadesign showed their ‘Sleeve Lamp Table’ recently at the Interieur 2010 design biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium. The continuation of the table surface up into a curved form that houses a delicate light source is both sculptural and interesting on the level of design typology – here, two object types (table and lamp) become conflated. (more…)

'Granny' pendant lamp by Pudelskern Design for Casamania (IT)

'Granny' pendant lamp by Pudelskern Design for Casamania, 2010

There’s somewhat of a contradiction at the heart of Casamania’s new pendant lamp ‘Granny’, designed by Pudelskern Design and shown at the recent Maison & Objet design fair in Paris: a light (and, ergo, heat) source that sports a natural-wool covering. The aesthetic is industrial-design-meets-toothy-craft. While the wool comes from Tyrolian sheep, the lamp itself is knitted by hand in the Netherlands. You’ll be pleased to hear the material is fire-retardant…


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