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'autoR' by Carsten Nicolai, photo by René Zieger, Courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig/Berlin and PaceWildenstein

Designed by the Austrian architect Krischanitz the ‘Temporäre Kunsthalle’ (temporary art hall), one of Berlin’s major venues for contemporary art, is situated on one of the most prominent sites at the heart of Berlin, the Schlossplatz. The hall is conceived as a wooden construction with open-web girders. The surrounding strip foundations form a stable basis for the wooden elements that emerge from them. The surfaces of the exterior skin and the inner walls in the three main rooms (foyer, exhibition space, café) are made of fibre-cement panels.

Recently Berlin based artist Carsten Nicolai was invited to re-design the plane facade temporarily. The project ‘autoR’ is a self-organising process based on the visitor’s intervention. Graphical stickers designed by the artist can be applied randomly. The result is freely designed forms, clusters, and structures.