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'1.3' Chair by Kihyun Kim for Zeitraum; photo by Team Schalterhalle

A young Korean designer and last year’s RCA graduate Kihyun Kim has just been awarded the prestigious Designs of the Year Award 2012 in the furniture category for his ‘1.3’ Chair. The design, which is most probably world’s lightest wooden chair, was realised as Kim’s MA Design Product graduate project and the chair has now been put into production by a German manufacturer Zeitraum. Originally made of balsa wood and weighting a feathery (less than Gio Ponti’s 1957 ‘Superleggera’) 1.28 kg, the ‘1.3’ Chair is now available in oak, ash and American walnut. It was presented earlier last week at Zeitraum’s stand in hall 7 and at the RCA Paradise show at Milan’s Ventura Lambrate. (more…)

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