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Thu 26.10.

Material Tendencies: Jorre van Ast

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“I think an area where a lot of things are happening now is sustainable materials, or biobased materials.“ Jorre van Ast

Architonic spoke with the designer and creative director of the Dutch furniture manufacturer Arco, and learned about his thoughts on materials.


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Mon 19.10.

‘Nomad’ table by Jorre van Ast for Arco

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'Nomad' table by Jorre van Ast for arco

'Nomad' table by Jorre van Ast for Arco

At this year’s Milan fair Arco presented this lightweight portable table designed by Jorre van Ast – it is the first product the young designer created for the Dutch manufacturer.

Even if it is hard to believe from the constructive point of view: this piece of furniture is made entirely and exclusively from wood, without any metal reinforcement. Different kinds wood, each with their own specific properties and qualities, are crafted together to create the perfect lightweight rigidity. The table top is constructed as a threedimensional sandwich with a core made from honeycomb, balsawood and thin poplar wood sheet material.

'Nomad' table by Jorre van Ast for Arco

'Nomad' table by Jorre van Ast for Arco

The legs are made of solid ash.

The ingenuity of the design is concealed beneath the table top where it is virtually invisible. The table top is 68mm thick in the centre yet tapers to just 10mm at the sides. So the table is sufficiently stable yet looks fabulously slim. The whole table top is finished with oak veneer, which also covers the tapered underside of the table.

'Nomad' by Jorre van Ast for Arco

'Nomad' by Jorre van Ast for Arco

The thickness of the table top contains space for wooden screw threads, into which the legs are screwed. A beautiful example of traditional joinery craftsmanship. The legs are octagonal in shape to give them sufficient grip. This serves as both a functional element and a decorative element.

With the ‘Nomad’ table Jorre van Ast was finalist of the Dutch Design Awards 2009. During Dutch Design Week, the designs of all finalists and winners will be exhibited from 17 through 25 October in the Brainport Greenhouse on the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven.

Detail: 'Nomad' table by Jorre van Ast for Arco

Detail: 'Nomad' table by Jorre van Ast for Arco

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