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Fri 19.10.

Give me ten: Pedrali, Odo Fioravanti and Jorge Pensi

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Give me ten: Pedrali, Odo Fioravanti and Jorge Pensi

In 2018, Pedrali is celebrating ten years since the launch of some of its most successful products, including the versatile Frida chair by Odo Fioravanti


Ten years of fruitful cooperation between the Italian furniture manufacturer PEDRALI and the designers Odo Fiorovanti and Jorge Pensi have seen the brand launch a raft of modern design classics.


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Pedrali's new collection of chairs

To celebrate their new collection of vividly coloured chairs, the Italian manufacturer Pedrali has created this behind-the-scenes video capturing the proceedings from the promotional photo shoot during which no less than 88 chairs in a rainbow of hues were carefully arranged and, ultimately, photographed in a meticulously-calculated, multicoloured motif. The photographed models included Alessandro Busana’s ‘Laja’, Jorge Pensi’s ‘Ara’ and the stacking ‘Blitz’ by the Italian designers Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli. Watch the inspiring time-lapse video below. (more…)