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Aka Chair by Skitsch with plexiglass structure and legs in solid bleached oak

The ‘Aka’ chair family got a new sophisticated member: the armchair version is an answer to a constructional challenge of a wooden base, that embraces the plastic seat shell.

The joint detail had to be especially well-thought, because the seating of one version of the chair is materialised in transparent polycarbonate.


'Connective Tissue' exhibition at the Paradigma Gallery, Tel Aviv. Foreground: 'Zaza' chair by Omri Bar Ze'ev. Middle ground: 'Boscaiolo' side tables by Ron Calabresi (left) and 'Rope Stool' by Yoav Reches (right). Background: 'Axum' and 'Lalibella' stools by David Keller

A new exhibition called ‘Connective Tissue’, which explores the notions of joining and linking in the work of young Israeli designers – both in literal and theoretical terms – has opened at the recently established Paradigma design gallery in Tel Aviv.


'Prima' table by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón, photo by Alfonso Herranz

The Madrid based designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón cretaed this smart construction of an occasional table (Ø 900, h 740 mm) composed of three identical legs, a connecting central knot, and a glass table top. ‘Prima’ table is mountable by only one single screw.


Tue 13.7.

‘Shrink’ by Nicola Zocca (UK)

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'Shrink' by Nicola Zocca

The Royal Collegue of Art graduate Nicola Zocca presented this tricky joinery within her final year project at this year’s degree show. All pieces of her ‘Shrink’ series, a chair, a bookshelf and a side table, are based on the same simple but inventive process: hot heat-shrink plastic ribbons are tightly wrapped around the joints and fixed by cramming them into a groove. After cooling down a perfectly fitting joinery is shaped.


'DaR' by Christof Schmidt, photo by Ali Schmidt, Berlin

As part of his final year project at Kunsthochschule Kassel the young German designer Christof Schmidt developed this smart joining technique. The solid wooden elements of the chair are broken to measure and placed into a silicone-mould. Due to its expansion the poured in polyurethane foam infiltrates into every single wooden fibre at the breaking point and connects the pieces soundly. The foam hardens within minutes.

‘DaR’ was presented at this year’s DMY Festival for the first time.

'DaR' by Christof Schmidt, photo by Ali Schmidt, Berlin

'DaR' by Christof Schmidt, photo by Ali Schmidt, Berlin

The mould of 'DaR' by Christof Schmidt

'DaR' by Christof Schmidt, photo by Ali Schmidt, Berlin

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