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Mon 20.10.

‘Urban Gridded Dogtags’ by Aminimal Studio (US)

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San Francisco 'Urban Gridded Dogtags' by Aminimal Studio

San Francisco ‘Urban Gridded Dogtags’ by Aminimal Studio

Urban Gridded Dogtags is a jewelry collection with over 120 wearable maps of favorite locations from 32 countries around the world.



Mon 2.4.

‘Unfold’ pendant by Uli Budde (DE)

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'Unfold' pendant by Uli Budde

Inspired by the round brilliant diamond cut studied and developed by a Belgian engineer Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, Berlin-based product designer Uli Budde has designed this geometric, 18-karat-gold pendant necklace. Called ‘Unfold’, the helical pendant has been realised in collaboration with the renowned Austrian jeweller A.E. Köchert and the design has been recently featured in ‘A Girl’s Best Friends – Creative Jewelry Design’ volume published by Gestalten Verlag. (more…)

'Tours' bracelet by Claesson Koivisto Rune for DFTS Factory; photo by Fabian Björnstjerna

Sweden’s acclaimed design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune have recently collaborated with DFTS Factory and the groundbreaking result of this partnership has just been unveiled during this year’s Stockholm Design Week. Meticulously assembled from no less than 2208 individual plastic elements, ‘Tours’ is printed thanks to an innovative 3D manufacturing and selective laser sintering – ‘an additive manufacturing technique that uses a high power laser to fuse small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powders into a mass that has a desired 3-dimensional shape.’ Manufactured in Belgium, ‘Tours’ weights only 20 grammes and its production process takes four hours.


"Inspired by parasites which slip beneath the skin" - finger ring made from wire and porcelain, by Kathy Ludwig

With her highly conceptual graduation project the German born and Eindhoven based designer Kathy Ludwig blends decorative and pleasant aspects of classical jewellery with emotional, even nauseous, perceptions towards parasitic insects, funguses etc. Her organic body decorations are now in production by the Paris based Galerie BSL in a limited edition of 8.


Tue 22.2.

‘Timepeace’ by Denise Julia Reytan (DE)

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'Timepeace' by Denise Julia Reytan

Since the mobile phone has taken over the importance of the classic wrist watch, digital or quartz, decreased from a necessary tool to a decorative accessory. With her metallic bracelets ‘Timepeace’ the Berlin based jewllery designer Denise Julia Reytan draw the conclusions and created beautiful watch-shaped pieces of jewellery.


Jewellery by Terhi Tolvanen

From 13 January to 5 March the London based Flow Gallery will exhibit the work of some extraordinary Dutch designers. ‘Going Dutch’ examines how makers and designers use materials in an exciting and subversive way and points out the art- and playful craftsmanship the Dutch design is famous for.


Wed 10.6.

Architectural jewellery by Jacqueline Rabun

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'Grace' by Jacqueline Rabun

'Grace', a solitaire diamond encased (not set) in a grid, by Jacqueline Rabun

Maybe it was the naïveté that allowed her to create this unconventional jewellery in organic shapes – the London-based, self-taught designer Jacqueline Rabun found her passion in jewellery after working in a contemporary jewellery gallery in Los Angeles. Since launching her first collection nearly 20 years ago Jacqueline Rabun has developed a poetic, to my mind also a quite architectural approach to jewellery design.

'Cave' for Georg Jensen by Jacqueline Rabun

'Cave' for Georg Jensen by Jacqueline Rabun

Jacqueline Rabun designs fine contemporary jewellery, and design objects predominantly produced in 18 carat gold. The remaining pieces are produced in silver or platinum – all her design objects are handcrafted in England.

In October 2007 Jacqueline opened her eponymous boutique in Belgravia, London.

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