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Tue 13.11.

‘Mino’ lamp by Ayala Serfaty for Aqua Creations (IL)

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‘Mino’ lamp by Ayala Serfaty for Aqua Creations

Known for her delicate light sculptures frequently exhibited in galleries across the globe, the Israeli designer Ayala Serfaty has created this series of beautifully sculptural, translucent lamps called ‘Mino.’ The lights feature a meticulously ruched silk drapery sculpted over a rectangular polycarbonate, vacuum-formed shell which is backlit with energy saving bulbs. Manufactured by Aqua Creations, a Tel Aviv-based design studio established by Serfaty and her husband in 1994, ‘Mino’ is available in three sizes with the largest one also doubling as a room divider. (more…)

Herzelia Green House by Sharon Neuman Architects; photo courtesy of the architect

This multi-faceted, two-storey detached residence has been competed by an Israeli Sharon Neuman Architects practice. Developed on a long and narrow 800-square-meters plot, the 215-square-meters house has been designed with energy efficiency in mind and incorporates a number of environment-friendly solutions such as: efficient insulating materials, rainwater and dew collection and storage units, water recycling system, and a solar water heater. (more…)

‘Baladi’ stainless steel cutlery by Galia Tammuz

Inspired by the local tradition and culture of food sharing, a young Israeli designer Galia Tammuz has created this understated tableware collection consisting of stainless steel cutlery, earthenware cups and wooden trays. Called ‘Baladi,’ the design of the series was based on, and achieved through, the relatively inexpensive and simple process of extrusion. As a result, each of the pieces features a distinctive, recurring pattern which has been moulded by the extrusion die. The collection was presented at Milan’s Ventura Lambrate as part of the TLV Express collective exhibition. (more…)

Herta and Paul Amir Building by Preston Scott Cohen, photo: Amit Geron

In an attempt to ‘square the triangle’, or the triangular building plot to be more specific, the American architectural practice of Preston Scott Cohen have developed this multifaceted, perspective-distorting Herta and Paul Amir Building for the complex of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Designed to comprise several storeys of spacious, rectangular exhibition rooms within ‘a tight, idiosyncratic, triangular site’, the 18500-square-meters building is now a home to a vast collection of Israeli art as well as multiple architecture, design, drawings and prints galleries, a study centre, a library and an auditorium. (more…)

Israeli designer Ezri Tarazi's latest show, 'Kaleb', uses furniture and the domestic sphere to examine notions of security and anxiety

Israel, in its modern incarnation, has been in the unenviable position of growing up against a military backdrop. Indeed, this is a country where military and civilian life are anything but discrete.


Israeli design studio Bakery's 'Rock, Paper' lampshade, made of the non-woven fabric Smash, heat-pressed into the form of Jerusalem Stone

As part of the ‘Time 02’ group show during the recent inaugural Design Week in Jerusalem, Israeli design trio Bakery showed two new works.

'Starlight' by Omri Barzeev

The young Israeli designer Omri Barzeev realised this sophisticated table lamp which is composed of a simple metal base and a flexible, polygonic and LED-studded structure.


Thu 9.12.

‘Manifold Clock’ by Studio Ve (IL)

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'Manifold Clock' by Studio Ve

Another beautiful wall clock is the ‘Manifold Clock’ by the Israeli designers of Studio Ve. A manifold that is connected to the two clock hands creates a delicate 3D movement – every second a different one. Don’t miss the video which shows the effect perfectly.


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