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Orcadesign's 'Sleeve Lamp Table', which marries two traditionally discrete object types – the table and the lamp

Singapore-based multi-disciplinary design consultancy Orcadesign showed their ‘Sleeve Lamp Table’ recently at the Interieur 2010 design biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium. The continuation of the table surface up into a curved form that houses a delicate light source is both sculptural and interesting on the level of design typology – here, two object types (table and lamp) become conflated. (more…)

'Banquinho Bo', child's bench with giraffe back

“For me popular art is non-existent. Out of necessity people do things that are related to life” – With this sentence, said by the Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi, Studio MK27 described the idea behind their exhibition of furniture at this year’s INTERIEUR in Kortrijk. The showcased furniture were designed and created by Brazilian civil construction laborers with residual building materials. All of them were used at the construction sites. Some of the pieces underwent some small interventions, realized in a precise and artisan manner.


'Twist' lamp by Alain Berteau for Belgian lighting brand Aluci

Belgian architect/designer Alain Berteau is a hard taskmaster. ‘When you switch it off, you’re not looking at a dead machine,’ Berteau said of his new ‘Twist’ LED lamp for Belgian lighting manufacturer Aluci, while in conversation with Architonic at the recent Interieur 2010 design biennale in Kortrijk. The piece’s highly reduced, architectural form ensures that it continues to work as an intriguing space-defining presence beyond its utilitarian function as a light source.


'Corner Guys' by Ineke Hans for van Esch

The Dutch manufacturer van Esch is currently presenting this new coat rack, designed by Ineke Hans, at the INTERIEUR 2010 in Kortrijk. For this design the Arnhem based designer was inspired by the racks you often see in the changing rooms of sports clubs and schools. “They are kind of iconic; everybody immediately can picture them. It is their simplicity that appeals to me”, she explains.


'Crane' by tossB

At this year’s light+building in Frankfurt the Belgian manufacturer tossB presented the new table lamp ‘Crane’ designed by Alain Monnens for the first time. Momentarily it is showcased at the INTERIEUR 2010 in Kortrijk. Just like an origami crane bird it is formed out of one single folded plate.


Wed 20.10.

‘Frame’ sofa by CuldeSac for Indera (BE)

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'Frame' by CuldeSac for Indera

At the INTERIEUR 2010 in Kortrijk the Belgian manufacturer Indera is currently presenting the new sofa designed by the Spanish studio CuldeSac. ‘Frame’ is – the name says it all – especially characterised by its unique structure. CuldeSac brings the wooden structure of the sofa explicitly to the exterior which emphasises its solid character and exemplifies the high quality production.


'Lloyd' dining table by Christoph Seyferth for Functionals

At the INTERIEUR 2010 in Kortrijk we discovered this smart and elegant table by Christoph Seyferth.

The Dutch designer created it for the guest room of recently opened Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Produced by the Dutch manufacturer Functionals the table is completely made of steel and comes in various sizes. Its flexible top allows all four legs to touch the floor even when the surface is wildly uneven.


Fri 15.10.

‘Autoban’ chair by Ingo Krapf (DE)

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'Autoban' chair by Ingo Krapf, all images by Ingo Krapf, 2010

‘Autoban’ chair is the newest creation of the German designer Ingo Krapf and his contribution to this year’s INTERIEUR 2010 Design Competition. The completely CNC-milled, solid wooden chair reflects the designer’s thoughts, doubts and visions of modern processing technologies.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Autoban’ chair by Ingo Krapf (DE)