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Mon 10.11.

‘House of Mirrors’ by Studio Neon (UK)

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'House of Mirrors' by Studio Neon, photo: Clyde Yee

‘House of Mirrors’ by Studio Neon, photo: Clyde Yee

Created for Sculpture by the Sea 2014, a public art exhibition held along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk in Australia, ‘House of Mirrors’ is an architectural sculpture by design studio Neon.



Mon 26.5.

‘Scene de la table’ installation by ARCHIEE (FR)

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'Scene de la table' installation by ARCHIEE, photo: Takeshi Miyamoto, ARCHIEE

‘Scene de la table’ installation by ARCHIEE, photo: Takeshi Miyamoto, ARCHIEE

Paris based ARCHIEE has created an installation inspired by Japanese dinner-tables and ceramic dishes called “minou-yaki” for Japanese culture and tradition magazine Discover Japan for their newly launched boutique in the city of light.



Stone Gate by Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design

Stone Gate by Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design

Conceived by Italian designer Raffaello Galiotto and developed by natural stone specialists Lithos Design, ‘Stone Gate’ is an imposing, 3.80-metre-high, self-supporting marble structure inspired by ‘the ancient architectural figure of the arch consisting of elements laid dry, inherited from the Roman Empire.’ Weighting nearly 30 thousands kilograms, the colossal circle was unveiled earlier this year at the ‘100% Gravity’ exhibition in Verona. Watch a video about this striking project in a clip below.. (more…)

Bonsai-B by Takanori Aiba, Photo © TOKYO GOOD IDEA Development Institute Co.

Originally, Japanese Classical Bonsai Style portraits the beauty of nature in miniature. ‘Bonsai-B’ is an experimental approach to turn out a modern Bonsai style that portraits the beauty of spiritual accordance between human and nature in miniature.


Tue 11.10.

‘Fluidity’ installation presented by Tile of Spain at MADE Expo 2011

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'Fluidity' installation at MADE Expo 2011, presented by Tile of Spain, a collaboration between manufacturers Tempio, Ceracasa Ceramica, Decorativa, Natucer and Tau Ceramica

Ever the design scouts, we’d like to show all you ceramic lovers out there something we saw at this year’s MADE Expo in Milan.

Presented by Tile of Spain, high-end ceramics manufacturer Tempio, in collaboration with Ceracasa Ceramica, Decorativa, Natucer and Tau Ceramica, exhibited a unique installation that explores the relation between interior and exterior space, private and public, through, naturally, the medium of tiles.


'Twin' chair by Archirivolto for Brunner

Italian design studio Archirivolto has collaborated with one of Germany’s leading contract furniture manufacturers Brunner, creating this lightweight monobloc chair called ‘Twin’ which was presented earlier this year at Milan’s Salone del Mobile. The curvilinear, stackable chair is made from the weather-resistant reinforced polypropylene and is available in multiple summery shades such as citrus, apple, ruby or sand, in a mesh or closed-shell structure version, and with or without armrests. (more…)

'BotoxCloud' interactive installation by SAQ at Zirkumflex, Berlin; photo: Brice Dellastrada

In collaboration with zirkumflex, the Berlin-based design studio and project platform, SAQ has created ‘BotoxCloud’, a reactive lighting installation which echoes the complexity of weather patterns.


Let there be light: Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka's paean to transparency and lightness in the form of his retrospective at the Cologne Kunstverein, which coincided with him being named A&W Designer of the Year 2011

‘Maybe I don’t like objects.’ It’s not every day you hear such a statement from a designer, particularly one as celebrated as Tokujin Yoshioka, who was recognised as A&W Designer of the Year 2011 during this year’s IMM Cologne. But, then again, there’s a certain (pleasing) contradiction in the design language of the Japanese creative’s work, which, through its ongoing engagement with the ideas of transparency and lightness, gives expression to objects that sit somewhere between presence and absence. Architonic met up with Yoshioka in Cologne to trip the light fantastic.


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