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'Allas' candelabrum by Andreas Engesvik for Iittala

Oslo-based furniture and industrial designer Andreas Engesvik has collaborated with the world-famous Finnish tableware manufacturer Iittala to create this cast-iron ‘modern take on a traditional candelabrum’. Called ‘Allas’ – Finnish for ‘pool’ – the design is fittingly described by its manufacturer as ‘a pool of light’ – an effect achieved thanks to the six candles, each set at a different height, for which the candelabrum is intended for. (more…)

Kaj Franck, Iittala Tupa 1948; photo by Rauno Träskelin

An exhibition celebrating the centenary of the birth and surveying the work of the renowned Finnish designer Kaj Franck is currently on view at the Designmuseo in Helsinki (15 June – 25 September). Spanning over four decades (from the 1940s to the 1980s) of Franck’s career as an artist, an industrial designer as well as a teacher of design, Kaj Franck – Universal Forms showcases an extensive body of work encompassing glass, ceramics, textiles, furniture and plastic and metal objects, including Iittala‘s famous and commercially successful ‘Teema‘ tableware line. (more…)


Next up in our Uncut series is an interview with Iittala‘s Päivi Jantunen who spoke to Simon Cowell about the future of the famous Finnish brand, the importance of preserving company’s values…and her gardening plans.


to Architonic’s Belgrade Design Week 2011 photo album

'Bolle' bottles by Tapio Wirkkala, the product of a collaboration with Murano-based glassworks Venini, 1966–67; image courtesy of Venini

With leading Finnish design brand Artek reissuing two of its fellow countryman Tapio Wirkkala’s striking designs from the late 1960s and early 70s, as well as first-time-round, ‘vintage’ pieces of his being shown at international design fairs such as Design Miami Basel, now is the time to look back at the work of this highly productive designer, whose contribution to postwar Scandinavian design was as major as it was diverse.


Land of the midnight sun Finland may, in terms of historical regional politics and power at least, have often been eclipsed by its Scandinavian neighbours Sweden and Denmark, but when it comes to having helped define the course of the postwar 20th-century design, the country has certainly never been in the shadows.

'X-Frame Table' by Tapio Wirkkala, originally for Asko Oy, 1958; recently reissued by Artek

‘Domus’, the iconic and authoritative Italian design journal founded in the 1920s by architect-designer Gio Ponti, did much to disseminate images of, and commentary on, Finnish design to an international audience from the 1950s onwards, but the work of one its countrymen more than any other was to appear in its pages with great regularity: Tapio Wirkkala. Indeed, Wirkkala, who trained as a decorative carver but went on to become a key figure in Scandinavian modernism, was included in the pantheon of prolific designers’ names that featured in the masthead of the magazine from the early 1960s until 1973.

Tapio with coffee pot from the 'Finlandia' service, produced by Rosenthal AG in the 1950s; image courtesy of the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation

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