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Amirite chairs, variation with wooden legs

At this years International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, Jacob Nitz presented a range of chairs made out of folded sheet metal, variations on which feature wooden legs.

Amirite chair with felt cover

Felt covers provide an inventive accessory: a pocket on their rear is the perfect place for magazines and newspapers.

Amirite Chair with felt pocket for magazines

Amirite chair is available in various colours

to the Amirite Design website

The Coventry Stool presented at this year’s ICFF is part of the award-winning collection of Studio Dunn.

The stool is available in cherry, maple and walnut solid wood.

Coventry Stool in maple, cherry and walnut (left to right)

Studio Dunn is based in Rhode Island, the birthplace of the American industrial revolution. Rhode Island has retained a dense manufacturing culture. Studio Dunn is committed to supporting the local business and economy, therefore in-house manufacturing is combined with a local network of manufacturers and artisans.

Coventry Stool in walnut

Coventry Stool in walnut


Thu 18.2.

Moving Hedge

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'Moving Hedge' by greenworks

greenworks’ ‘Moving Hedge’ is the world’s first self-watering, mobile plant wall. The integrated, self-automated watering and nutrition system makes maintenance easy and efficient. The smooth-running wheels make ‘Moving Hedge’ a versatile piece of furniture, which quickly changes the function of an indoor space.

'Moving Hedge' by greenworks

The base holds a tank that supplies 55 litres of water, which requires filling only every five weeks. The wall itself, with pockets that house the plants, is made of industrial felt, which doesn’t store water. It passes moisture directly to the soil, itself remaining dry. Therefore, there is no risk of mold or must.

'Moving Hedge' by greenworks

to the greenworks website

Thu 7.5.

Misewell collection at the ICFF

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'Lockwood' by Misewell

'Lockwood' by the young American manufacturer Misewell

Misewell is a young Milwaukee-based furniture design and manufacturing company founded by brothers Vincent and Paul Georgeson. Their collection of chairs, tables, lamps and coat hooks are completely produced in the US and will be presented at this year´s ICFF in New York.

'Lockwood' by Misewell

'Lockwood' by Misewell

All pieces are a combination of solid wood and powder-coated metal, including some remarkable details such as the formed steel seatback of “Lockwood”.

'1/2 Nelson' by Misewell

'1/2 Nelson' by Misewell

to the Misewell website