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Houses over the Ria de Aveiro by RVDM arquitectos, photo by Fernando Guerra

This composition of two independent twin houses with superb views over the Ria de Aveiro in Portugal was realised by the local practice RVDM arquitectos. In order to provide a maximum of direct sunlight to both houses the facade of the superior volume, which would become shadowy by its orientation towards north, was planned as a multi-faceted light-catching front.


'Maison L' by christian pottgiesser architecturespossibles, 'Cipra' sofa by Edra, photo by George Dupin

‘Maison L’ is the extension of an orangery of the late 18th century, inhabited by a six person family, on a small hill less than half an hour’s drive west from Paris city center. The organic and jaggy composition of the complex is interrupted by five three-storied tower-like volumes, stamping through the garden roof and providing a clear view until “La Défense”.


Wed 23.2.

‘YNH’ by yHa architects (JP)

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'YNH' by yHa architects, photo by Takeshi Yamagishi

This single family home in Tokyo was realised by the Japanese practice yHa architects. Due to the north/west orientation of the house it was a major challenge to capture the daily sunlight. With a smart floor plan and additional skylights the architects created a light and – in spite of the small size of the site – broad inside.


Conversion of a private home in Selb, Germany by Osterwold & Schmidt

In order to modernise the family compound for the next generation the German architectural practice Osterwold & Schmidt realised this comprehensive conversion and extension of an existing single family home in the small city of Selb, Germany.


Mountain Refuge Los Canteros by dRN Architects

This contemporary mountain refuge in the Chilean ski region Farellones was realised by the Santiago based practice dRN Architects. Bound on two sides by magnificent old containment stone walls the simple stone cube is broken up by other elements that overhang from its perimeter, modifying the basic figure and giving it an orientation towards the valley.


'House in Nasu' by Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates, photo by Kazunori Fujimoto

Recently the Hiroshima based practice Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates realised this weekend home in the resort town Nasu-town, Tochigi Prefecture. Due to the high building density – typical for Japanese residential areas – it is difficult to keep privacy so the architects decided to place almost all openings towards the inner courtyard.


House in Sunami by Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates, photo by Kazunori Fujimoto

This single family villa, located on a hill with fantastic view over the Seto Inland Sea, the water body which devides two of the major Japanese islands, was realised by the Hiroshima based practice Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates. In order to achieve a wide spread of space the roof is a shell construction, a reinforced slab of only 120 mm.


Thu 3.2.

‘Sorte’ by A.L.X. (JP)

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'Sorte' by A.L.X., photo by Kouichi Torimura

This apartment house with five units in the center of Tokyo was resalised by the Japanese practice A.L.X. (Architect Label Xain). Due to its multifaceted shape and the vertical direction of each unit all apartments have a different floor plan and the inner organisation of the building stays intransparent from the outside – high privacy is secured.