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Fri 4.10.

This Is The House That Jack Built

Posted by Walter Phillips on 04.10.2013 - Tagged as: , ,

Mobile by Alex Valder

Mobile by Alex Valder

HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery, recently moved from Berlin to Zurich, has transformed a vacant villa in the neighbourhood of Zurich Oerlikon into a temporary home for contemporary design and art for ‘This Is The House That Jack Built’, a new exhibition project.



'Podium occasional table' by Nicolas Le Moigne

As part of the Design On/Site program at this year’s edition of Design Miami/ Basel, Berlin-based HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery has presented a solo exhibition dedicated to the Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne and his latest collection of furniture. Entitled ‘Podium’, the series stems from Le Moigne’s ‘observations of the customary forms of presenting art and design by galleries and museums’, and comprises six limited-edition designs which include: a hand-blown glass lamp, a hand-polished granite bowl, a varnished-oak shelf and table, an occasional table which has been developed in cooper and a series of three enamelled ceramic vases. Accordingly, each of the pieces encompasses a white wooden platform which, in the words of the designer; ‘results in the object gaining its aesthetics and functional completeness.’


El Ultimo Grito refelcts on “How contemporary culture incorporates, re-uses and re-interprets the systems and structures that it has inherited”, 'Peckham Shield', 2010

The well-known internationally active design author and critic Sophie Lovell curated the next group exhibition ‘Freak Show’ at the Berlin design gallery HELMRINDERKNECHT featuring objects by designers such as El Ultimo Grito, Martí Guixé, Kueng Caputo and others – all “freaks” that are confronting us with our deadlocked expectations of design. The showcased objects reflect the designers thoughts and doubts about social, theoretical and methodical norms.


'Washhouse' installation by Studio Makkink & Bey

The latest exhibition at the Berlin gallery HELMRINDERKNECHT is dedicated to the newest work of the Dutsch design duo Makkink & Bey. The showcased woollen blankets are the result of the Textielmuseum’s workshop, Textilelab, in Tilburg, Netherlands. Studio Makkink & Bey has created a site-specifc walk through the three dimensional landscape of a rural village. Hanging on a clothesline the blankets give shape to the space and divide it. Individually woven patterns and lines become a house’s exterior walls or refect the imagery of the surrounding landscape.


'Kink' by osko+deichmann

At this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair the Berlin based designers osko+deichmann recieved the +1 Award for ‘Straw Chair’ – the in and outdoor chair for Blå Station, made from kinked metal tubes is an enhanced design of the Marcel Breuer homage, the duo created for last year’s 90th Bauhaus aniversary. From 27th March to 22nd May 2010 HELMRINDERKNECHT, Gallery for Contemporary Design in Berlin will showcase ‘Kink’, a new family of tubular steel furniture.

to ‘Straw Chair’ for Blå Station @ Architonic

to ‘Straw Chair’ – the homage to Bauhaus-cantilever by Marcel Breuer


'Meshlamp' by Werner Aisslinger

'Meshlamp', 2009, Edition of 10 + 1, by Werner Aisslinger

The HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery in Berlin recently opened their new exhibition VASE vs. VASES. 15 international designers and artists, among them Alfredo Häberli, Oskar Diaz, Werner Aisslinger and Martí Guixé, have been invited to show their contemporary interpretations of this commodity item. The exhibition is open until 09 January 2010.

One of my favourite pieces is the work by Werner Aisslinger. To produce the vase, a specially crafted mould in the form of a bag and made out of fibre glass is filled with liquid glass and blown into a cylindrical wooden form. The mesh leaves its print in an uncontrollable process of dilation in the glass and makes each of the mesh lamp stands unique in its form and structure of surface. Each object is a unique piece. The techniques were developed in cooperation with the Centre for Glass CIAV Centre International D’Art Verrier, Meisenthal (France).

'Lineas' by Alfredo Häberli

'Lineas' 2007, Edition 5 of each, by Alfredo Häberli

Alfredo Häberli designed a series or family of three vases made of pure glass, each individually banded with colored rubber bands which seem to hold the glass together, but are simply an instrument to divide the vase aperture in order to present single flowers or bouquets in the very same vase.

Objet mélancolique No 1 (vase), 2009, Edition of 6+1 by Frédéric Dedelley

Objet mélancolique No 1, 2009, Edition of 6+1 by Frédéric Dedelley

In Dedelley´s vase the production process and the material are part of the design. The imperfection of an archaic production process (sand casting) and a good portion of fortuitousness due to his choice of material (Tombac, light alloy brass / a mixture of bronze and brass) determine the final shape of the vase. Small imperfections in shape, a vivid and accidental color and the rare quality of the surface provide the unique and outstanding beauty and distinctive character of this vase.

'Podium' (Gold / Silver / Bronze), 2009, Edition of 5+2 by Nicolas Le Moigne

'Podium' (Gold / Silver / Bronze), 2009, Edition of 5+2 by Nicolas Le Moigne


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai VASE vs. VASES at the HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery in Berlin