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Sun 25.10.

Here and Now: new wayfinding and place-making

Posted by Walter Phillips on 25.10.2015 - Tagged as: , ,

41 Places: city-wide Brighton arts festival installation, embedding 41 true-life stories around the city; photo: Kenny Laurenson

41 Places: city-wide Brighton arts festival installation, embedding 41 true-life stories around the city; photo: Kenny Laurenson

Wayfinding and place-making is, well, going places. Graphic designer and place-making specialist Richard Wolfströme looks at what happens when 2D gives 3D architectural space that extra dimension.


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The bold ‘Frame’ collection by Ceramiche Refin and STUDIO FM Milano

Following years of important projects with the protagonists in design and architecture, DesignTaleStudio, Refin’s creative ceramic laboratory, has chosen to hand this new project to a team of professionals experienced in visual communication and graphics, a skill that, finally, is receiving the recognition it deserves in product design. Hence, the collaboration on the Frame collection with STUDIO FM Milano, a Milan-based agency specialising in graphic design, corporate design and publishing, an agency that loves to experiment by combining architecture, design and art…


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With the design fair heavyweight, aka Milan’s Salone del Mobile, just around the corner, Architonic’s headquarters have recently found themselves under a shower of virtual, as well as good old paper-and-stamp invitations to umpteen launches, lunches, openings, previews, exhibitions and, of course, parties, cocktails and aperitivos. And while highly appreciated, instantly RSVP’ed to and saved to be presented at the velvet ropes of iSaloni, not many of the invites do more than just conveying the essential details about a given event. Today however, was different. Sent from Moormann’s HQ, the plain white card which we have just received looked, at first glance, rather quite simple, perhaps even boring. Then, we read its message…or is it a poem? Either way, we think it’s great!

The Very Many Varieties of Beer poster, design: Ben Gibson, Patrick Mulligan (Pop Chart Lab)

Detailed statistics, rankings, facts and figures can all prove difficult to decipher when presented in a format of good old spreadsheet, not to mention the uninspiring appearance of an endless tabulation bursting with untold letters and digits. And while they might be crucial when it comes to totalling up a budget or expenses, it is not much fun to spend hours examining uniform, grid charts when reading a magazine or newspaper. Now, to celebrate the richness, diversity, complexity and sometimes, utmost simplicity, Taschen has released a book which explores the multiplicity of infographics. Here, we share some of the intriguing and undoubtedly engaging extracts from ‘Information Graphics‘, which we have come across earlier today during our diurnal lecture of the Guardian. (more…)

halloessen and Kontor Kontur exhibition at Greenhouse 2011 in Stockholm

This year’s Greenhouse – the young designer’s exhibition during the Stockholm Furniture Fair – had again a lot to offer. One of the most beautiful exhibitions was the shared booth of the German designers from halloessen and the Gothenburg based designer trio Kontor Kontur – an artful interplay of graphical decoration, delicate textile design and sophisticated furniture and accessories.


Numbers and dates encrypted into patterns: 'WIRRWARR' by Jürgen Mayer H.

The German publishing house Hatje Cantz recently launched this large-sized book by Jürgen Mayer H. The Berlin based architect presents one of his special intrests, his collection of around four hundred different patterns of data protection methods and preprints used by banks to encrypt pass codes or PIN numbers in letters to customers.


'Piece of Mind' by Trix Barmettler / Raumgrafik

Beside her activity as a classic graphic designer the Zurich based Trix Barmettler also realises graphics and illustrations within architectural context under her label Raumgrafik. Her complex interventions in the form of unique wall decorations or textile designs reflect the increasing demand of individual living. This beautiful and highly symbolic figure ‘Piece of Mind’ is her most recent project.


'Notime', 'Nightime' and 'Finetime' clocks by Farrow Design for SCP (UK)

'Notime', 'Nightime' and 'Finetime' clocks by Farrow Design for SCP

Leading graphic-design agency Farrow’s first foray into product design has produced a series of clocks that are (yes, you’ve guessed it) highly graphic.

'Nightime' clock by Farrow Design

'Nightime' clock by Farrow Design for SCP

Given that timepiece design is (or should be) about visual communication, it’s no wonder that the British design practice has chosen this particular object-type to experiment with. That said, the three clocks in the collection vary in terms of their legibility. No prizes for guessing that ‘Notime’ makes the user work the hardest…

'Notime' clock by Farrow Design for SCP

'Notime' clock by Farrow Design for SCP

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Notime’, ‘Nightime’ and ‘Finetime’ clocks by Farrow Design for SCP (UK)