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'Gousset' chest of drawers by Raphaëlle Bonamy

‘A ready-made as an object, a product as collage’ – this is how the young industrial designer and ECAL alumnus (MA Product Design) Raphaëlle Bonamy describes the wooden chest of drawers which she created and presented at the graduate exhibition showcasing the final year projects from the students of the University of the Art and Design Lausanne, ECAL. Called ‘Gousset’, the simple column of six fir tree drawers employs a unique bicycle-chain mechanisms which enable the user to open and close each of the compartments (as demonstrated in the video below). (more…)

'Space Capsules' by Guillaume Noiseux for Bernardaud

‘An homage to the world of astronautics’, this futuristic series of carved porcelain vases has been created by the young Canadian designer and recent Luxury Design graduate (MAS-Luxe)

Guillaume Noiseux and manufactured by the French porcelain specialists Bernardaud. Inspired by his fascination with the conquest of space and ‘space travel and the aesthetics and poetry behind space shuttles and satellites’, the collection consists of Bernardaud’s preexisting designs which were reinterpreted and decorated by Noiseux. (more…)

'France' by Albert Schrurs for Bernardaud

Taking his cue from the internationally acclaimed Michelin Annual Red Guide, the young Swiss architect and recent Luxury Design graduate (MAS-Luxury) Albert Schrurs has created this imaginative series of 30 meticulously-decorated porcelain plates which, when aligned together, compose a giant map of French roads along with the country’s best restaurants. Created for the French porcelain specialists Bernardaud, the limited-edition series is Schrurs’ ‘tribute to both the amazing road network and gastronomy’ and it can be viewed at Bernardaud Foundation’s ‘Le Décor est Planté’ exhibition in Limoges (on show until 24 October 2011). (more…)

Mon 18.7.

ECAL graduate show: ‘Rever’ chair by Jonas Nyffenegger

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'Rever' chair by Jonas Nyffenegger

The young designer and this year’s industrial design graduate (BA) Jonas Nyffenegger has created this adjustable ‘Rever’ chair which was presented as part of the graduate exhibition showcasing the final year projects from the students of the University of the Art and Design Lausanne, ECAL. The convertible wooden chair has been designed for the famous Cathédrale Notre-Dame in Lausanne with its alterable backrest enabling the mass-goers to easily turn towards the organ or the altar.

Tue 28.6.

RCA Graduate Show 2011

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Our impressions from the RCA Graduate Show 2011

Show RCA 2011, one of the UK’s most eagerly awaited graduate exhibitions showcasing the final projects from a roster of young artists, designers and writers specilising in various creative disciplines such as applied art, architecture, communications, design, fashion & textiles and humanities has opened its doors to the public earlier last week on 24 June. On the eve of the show, among the habitual hustle and bustle of a show preview, Architonic had a chance to catch a glimpse of, and photograph, some of the final-year projects by the RCA’s talented class of 2011.


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