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Sarpi Border Checkpoint in Georgia, Photographers: Jesko Malkolm Johnsson-Zahn, Beka Pkhakadze

November 2011 marks the completion of Sarpi Border Checkpoint. Designed by J. MAYER H. architects the customs checkpoint is situated at the Georgian border to Turkey, at the shore of the Black Sea. With its cantilevering terraces, the tower is used as a viewing platform, with multiple levels overlooking the water and the steep part of the coastline. In addition to the regular customs facilities, the structure also houses a cafeteria, staff rooms and a conference room. The building welcomes visitors to Georgia, representing the progressive upsurge of the country.


New Airport Building in Mestia, Giorgia by Jürgen Mayer H.

The Berlin based architectural practice Jürgen Mayer H. realised this new airport building in the city of Mestia in Georgia. The small city, located 1500 m above sea level in the Caucasus Mountains, is part of the UNESCO world culture heritage for its beautiful medieval town with its stone defensive towers. The new built airport is part of Georgia’s ambitious plans to establish tourism in this region. The building was designed and constructed within only 3 months.


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