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Sat 24.3.

‘Les frères Plo’ series by Gaspard Graulich (FR)

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Disassembled 'Les frères Plo' unit by Gaspard Graulich

A young French designer Gaspard Graulich has recently realised this series of easily-assemblable home furniture called ‘Les frères Plo’. Composed of few simple elements, the collection consists of four designs in varying heights and sizes, which are held together by vividly-coloured tubular steel joints. (more…)

Fukoku Tower by Dominique Perrault Architecture; photo © Daici Ano

Inspired by ‘a gigantic tree whose roots proliferate on the surface of the ground’, this reflective glass-clad office building was completed in 2010 by a renowned Parisian architectural practice Dominique Perrault Architecture. Located in Osaka, Japan, the 28-storey tower was developed for Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company and apart from the office space, the high-rise also encompasses additional facilities such as university laboratory, underground car park and a 4.900-square-meters commercial area. (more…)

The award-winning French designer Ionna Vautrin, photo courtesy of the designer

She is the mind behind one of the most charming table lamps of the recent years – the award-winning, joyfully-coloured Binic created in collaboration with the Italian brand Foscarini and having received the ‘Grands Prix de la Création’ of the city of Paris in 2010, the multitalented young designer Ionna Vautrin opened her namesake studio in Paris this time last year. Back in October 2011, we had the pleasure of meeting the gifted yet self-effacing Vautrin who answered few of our questions we’ve been itching to ask…


Thu 5.1.

‘Portique’ armchair by Florent Coirier (FR)

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'Portique' armchair by Florent Coirier (FR)

Inspired by the form and function of garden swings, the French-Polish Paris-based designer Florent Coirier has created this metal-and-wood chair called ‘Portique.’ Created in collaboration with the local craftsmen from the Autonomous Port, Nantes/Saint-Nazaire, the design has been developed in materials frequently used in shipbuilding such as aluminium and nautical rope from which the chair’s solid oak seat is suspended. (more…)

Wed 23.11.

McDonald’s restaurant by Patrick Norguet (FR)

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The recently-completed interior of McDonald's restaurant by Patrick Norguet

Found in virtually every country in the world, the ubiquitous McDonald’s restaurant might not be the first place that springs to mind when talking about noteworthy, contemporary interior design but it’s all due to change thanks to the Parisian product designer Patrick Norguet who has just completed a revamp of fast-food giant’s Villefranche-de-Lauragais restaurant located 40 km away from Toulouse. (more…)

'M_Cocoon' pendant lamp by Gael Wuithier for Woodlabo (FR)

The young French furniture designer and carpenter Gael Wuithier, who has established the France- and Finland-based Woodlabo in 2010, has sent us the images of his latest product – a wooden pendant light called ‘M_Cocoon.’ Available in various sizes and differing shapes, the pared-down lamp consists of numerous wooden slats which encircle the lightbulb creating a sunburst shadow effect. (more…)

'Porcelain' by Thibaut Godard has won the main award in the 'make me!' contest

Thibaut Godard is a young French designer and recent l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique graduate who earlier today has been awarded the first prize in the fourth edition ‘make me!’ contest at Poland’s Lodz Design Festival. Called ‘Porcelain’, Godard’s winning project consist of nine simple phials or phial-like wine bottles made of milky-white porcelain, elegantly packaged in equally minimalist box. Organised by Lodz Art Center, the competition was open to any young designer who at the time of entering the contest was not younger than 20 and not older than 30 years old. (more…)

Tue 28.6.

EDF Archives Centre by LAN (FR)

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EDF Archives Centre by LAN; photographer: ©Julien Lanoo

The Parisian practice LAN – Local Architecture Network – has recently completed this archive centre for the French energy giant EDF. Located in Bure-Saudron, the five-storey 7,000-square-meter

building blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape thanks to its simple form and the earth-coloured concrete façade encompassing some 120,000 stainless steel studs. Apart from the archives, the centre also comprises a number of airy offices which ‘have an ideal view on the surrounding landscape.’ (more…)