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The sculptural 'Anisha' lamp by Studio Lievore Altherr Molina for Foscarini

The latest collaboration between the renowned Italian lighting brand Foscarini and Barcelona-based design studio Lievore Altherr Molina resulted in this pared-down, understated table lamp design which, thanks to its simple, almost unnoticeable form, ‘outlines an empty space, defines it and fills it with its light, producing a magical sensation.’ (more…)

Design process according to Foscarini; photo © Architonic

Join us on the photographic journey through Foscarini’s normally closed-to-visitors Research and Development lab and find out how long does it take to determine the ‘aging process’ of a lamp or what exactly does the draught-proof enclosure for endurance test look like. (more…)

The prototypes for Foscarini's 'Successful living from Diesel' collection; photo © Architonic

Two weeks ago, Dailytonic has paid a visit to the headquarters of one of our favourite (no exaggeration) Italian lighting brands, Foscarini, where, along with a small group of other international design enthusiasts from Muuuz, Yatzer and DesignMilk to name a few, we have met the wonderful team Foscarini who took us on an inspiring tour within the company’s airy, glass-cladded base located in the northern Italian comune of Marcon, half-an-hour drive from what we have learnt must be one of the most picturesque cities in the world, Venice. (more…)

Thu 14.7.

‘Chouchin’ pendant light by Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini (IT)

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'Chouchin' pendant light by Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini (IT)

Following her previous design for Foscarini, the young French designer Ionna Vautrin has recently created this elegant, glossy pendant light called ‘Chouchin’. Taking its name from the traditional Japanese paper lantern, the design is Vautrin’s contemporary reinterpretation of this ‘ethereal, poetic and almost magical object’. The lamp is available in three various sizes, each of them in a different earthy hue: orange, grey or olive green, and its modern form has been ‘obtained through a single blowing process.’ (more…)

'Binic' by Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini

Ionna Vautrin created this new table lamp for the Italian lighting manufacturer Forscarini. For ‘Binic’ which is composed of an aluminium base and a polycarbonate projector the Breton born designer was inspired by “wind socks” that are used as ventilation systems on sailing ships.


Wed 28.4.

News by Foscarini (IT)

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'Tua' table lamp by Marco Zito for Foscarini

Foscarini surprised with an impressing video installation during this year’s Salone del Mobile at Superstudio Più. Amongst others the Italian manufacturer presented a new table lamp by Marco Zito.

Its simplicity enhances the elegance with which every detail has been designed: the wide angle of its bend, the subtraction of material from one of the two sides and the treatment of the rounded corners.

'Tua' table lamp by Marco Zito for Foscarini

The pendant light ‘Troag’ by Luca Nichetto is made of multilayered, heat-curved wood whose edges are specially milled to create an inclined, dynamic profile, emphasised by the grain of the wood.

'Troag' by Luca Nichetto for Foscarini

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'Troag' light by Luca Nichetto for Foscarini

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has created a new pendant light for Foscarini, which will be launched during next week’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. The decidedly linear piece takes a formal cue from the traditional ‘troag’, a canoe-shaped wooden bowl used in Lapland, which the designer encountered on a visit to the region.

'Troag' light by Luca Nichetto for Foscarini

Available in varying lengths, the lamp is fabricated from a single piece of wood. Light is diffused both downwards and upwards, the latter thanks to a slit that runs long the top of the shade. Given its linearity, ‘Troag’ is particularly suited for illuminating long tables or large open spaces.

'Troag' light by Luca Nichetto for Foscarini

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Tue 8.9.

‘Fork’ and ‘Tri-p’ by Diesel / Foscarini

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'Fork' by Diesel / Foscarini

'Fork' by Diesel / Foscarini

At this year’s Milan fair the Italian manufacturer Foscarini presented their first collection, which was developed together with the clothing producer Diesel.

‘Fork’ is an ironic lamp inspired by the casual world of the campsite and campers. The canvas shade has typical tent stitching, with deliberately visible fabric layers. The metal structure of the base is joined to the diffuser by two metal rings reminiscent of those used to fix tents and the warm, suffused light is typical of tents lit from the inside.

'Fork' by Foscarini in collaboration with Diesel

'Fork' by Foscarini in collaboration with Diesel

The base is in dark metal, while the diffuser is available in two colours: rope, for a very natural effect, and black. Fork is available in floor and table versions. The latter has been designed to be extremely flexible and to act as a desk or table light. The diffuser can be orientated as you wish thanks to the two rings of the lampshade, which have a special high tech device that allows complete rotation around the axis of the bulb.

‘Tri-p’ is a floor lamp “in movement”: thanks to its foldaway metal support it can be quickly closed and transported everywhere. ”. The casual shade is in elastic fabric that can be easily fitted and removed, adapting to the degree of bend in the base and to the closure movement.

'Tri-p' foldable floor lamp

'Tri-p' foldable floor lamp

The light is spread with a different intensity, depending on how tight or loose the fabric is. With Tri-p the fashion world draws closer to the design universe: depending on the season, personal taste or mood, the fabric diffuser can be changed as if it were a T-Shirt.

'Tri-p' by Foscarini / Diesel

'Tri-p' by Foscarini / Diesel

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