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Tue 22.2.

‘A side table’ by Tomás Alonso (ES)

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'A side table' by Tomás Alonso

The Spanish born but London based designer Tomás Alonso designed these smart side tables composed of a foldable base and a demountable table top. With this small collapsible piece of furniture Tomás Alonso reacts on contemporary living in big cities like London…


Thu 13.1.

Flat pack coffee tables by Praktrik (BG)

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'1x6' by Praktrik

The Bulgarian brand Praktrik realises a large range of furniture all inspired by burr puzzles. The components of the flat pack pieces are made from solid wood without the use of any high-tech tools or machinery – which also explains the rather low pricing. The different bases are composed of a certain number of wooden sticks which are easy to assemble and stay together without the need of glue or nails.


'Piegato' by Serafini

This flat pack shelf made from laser cut sheet metal was designed by the Berlin based designer Matthias Ries and showcased at this year’s imm cologne.

As ‘Piegato’ consists of one piece, the assembly and the bending-out of the angles and shelves by hand can be finished in a short period of time and can be easily handled by one person.

'Piegato' by Serafini

'Piegato' by Serafini

'Piegato' by Serafini

more Serafini products @ Architonic

Mon 1.3.

‘Unique IKEA’ by Kenyon Jeh (TW)

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'Unique IKEA' by Kenyon Jeh

The young Taiwanese designer Kenyon Jeh made his own creations of the standardized flat pack furniture he ordered at a big Swedish furniture store.

“I have simply composed the kits into customized furniture to suit my personal preference, adding some new details along the way. The process is liberating and brings a limitless attitude of possibility to the flat pack market”, Kenyon Jeh explains.

Model 'Kenn' by Kenyon Jeh

Model 'Bria' by Kenyon Jeh

Model 'Dalt' by Kenyon Jeh

seen @ mocoloco

to the Kenyon Jeh website

'Grassworks' exhinition at the Aram Gallery

'Grassworks' exhibition at the Aram Gallery

Until 31 October the Aram Gallery showcases ‘Grassworks’ – the most recent creations of Jair Straschnow. The Amsterdam-based Israeli designer developed a comprehensive collection of flatpacked furniture which are based on one single material – bamboo sheet laminate – and on the the manipulation of traditional interlocking woodworking techniques.

Dovetail joint by Jair Straschnow

Dovetail joint by Jair Straschnow

A good example is Jair’s reworking of the dovetail joint, an old principle of slotting pieces of wood that have opposing sloped angles to wedge themselves against one another – without any need for screws or glue.

Assemly of the Dovetail Trestle

Assemly of the Dovetail Trestle

The beauty of Jair Straschnow’s pieces lies in the obvious logic of the construction which also enables the user to assamle the pieces intuitionally.

'Twisted Table' by Jair Straschnow

'Twisted Table' by Jair Straschnow

Assembly of 'Twisted Table'

Assembly of 'Twisted Table'

to the Aram Gallery website

to the Aram Store

to the Jair Straschnow website

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Grassworks’ by Jair Straschnow at the Aram Gallery in London