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Wed 16.3.

‘Super-Light’ by Fehling & Peiz (DE)

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"no need to conceal its cable"- 'Super-Light' by Fehling & Peiz

The German design duo Fehling & Peiz, known for their sculptural and playful objects such as the beautiful Chesterfield pig ‘Stillives’, recently completed this series of pendant lights. ‘Super-Light’ consists of nothing more than a bulb and a textile cable in various colours.


Mon 23.8.

Stool-bench by Fehling & Peiz (DE)

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Stool-bench, black by Fehling & Peiz

This playful composition of upholstered stools which merge into a seemingly randomly structured bench is the latest creation of the German design duo Fehling & Peiz. The project is produced as a limited edition for KKAARRLLS – a collection of outstanding projects of students from HfG Karlsruhe.


Fri 16.7.

‘Stillives’ by Fehling & Peiz (DE)

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'Stillives' by Fehling & Peiz, photo by Frederik Busch

What can I say? These ironic, pretty macabre but beautifully worked chesterfield sculptures don’t need many explanations.

After they both graduated from design school (HfG) in Karlsruhe in 2005 Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz opened their studio Fehling & Peiz and established themselves as one of Germany’s most perceived conceptual designers.