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janus_Extension by :mlzd; photo by Dominique Marc Wehrli

A Swiss architectural practice :mlzd have melded the past with the present by inserting this striking, futuristic-looking extension amidst two, preexisting museum buildings which date back to the late thirteenth century. Located near Lake Zürich, in a picturesque town of Rapperswil-Jona, the multifaceted, perforated brass clad extension provides not only an eye-catching addition to the otherwise conventional-looking museum but also brings it up to date thanks to a number of additional modern facilities such as a new main entrance with a disabled access and a further 170-square-meters of minimalist interior which can serve several functions. (more…)

Thu 23.6.

‘Faceted House 1’ by Paul McAneary Architects (UK)

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© Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

It’s all about the angle at one particular residence in Hammersmith, London. In response to a brief to remodel and extend a three-bedroom two-storey Edwardian house that was in need of considerable refurbishment and modernisation, Paul McAneary Architects have created a strongly geometric design that plays with 30° twisting to achieve intriguing physical and perspectival overlapping. One of the desired results of this is that the garden now functions as a continuation of the interior space. (more…)

'Maison L' by christian pottgiesser architecturespossibles, 'Cipra' sofa by Edra, photo by George Dupin

‘Maison L’ is the extension of an orangery of the late 18th century, inhabited by a six person family, on a small hill less than half an hour’s drive west from Paris city center. The organic and jaggy composition of the complex is interrupted by five three-storied tower-like volumes, stamping through the garden roof and providing a clear view until “La Défense”.


Mountain Refuge Los Canteros by dRN Architects

This contemporary mountain refuge in the Chilean ski region Farellones was realised by the Santiago based practice dRN Architects. Bound on two sides by magnificent old containment stone walls the simple stone cube is broken up by other elements that overhang from its perimeter, modifying the basic figure and giving it an orientation towards the valley.


Wed 2.2.

Sapphire Gallery by XTEN Architecture (US)

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Sapphire Gallery by XTEN Architecture

The Californian practice XTEN Architetects realised this residential extension designed to display a private collection of contemporary art and a home office. The cantilevered new structure, a system of lightweight braced frames, is grafted onto the circulation spine of the existing house and lifted off the ground to provide a minimal footprint.


Nya Nordiska extension by Volker Staab Architekten, photo by Marcus Ebener

The German textile manufacturer Nya Nordiska recently inaugurated the new extension of the company building in the historical center of Dannenberg, a small city in Northern Germany. It was a challenge to the architects of the Berlin based practice Volker Staab Architekten to align this highly functional building to the scale of the old town which is especially characterised by rather small stud work houses.


Taastrup Theatre by COBE Copenhagen

The Danish architectural practice COBE recently unveiled this extension of the 1970s local community theatre, situated in a social housing neighborhood of Taastrup closed to Copenhagen. First the architects were commissioned to improve the energy consumption of the building but they used this opportunity to improve the general appeal and functionality of the building by introducing a second (isolating) theatre curtain around the rough concrete structure.


'Villa + Office Tardin-Pittet' by TARDIN PITTET, photo by Corinne Cuendet, Clarens

The Swiss architectural practice TARDIN PITTET realised this extension of a single family home which was built in the 1940s in the North of Lausanne. In order to gain additional space for an office the gabled roof was replaced by a flat and a second floor without slants was created. A wooden cladding was mounted on top of the old facade to improve the thermal insulation.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Villa + Office Tardin-Pittet’ by TARDIN PITTET (CH)