January 2022

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Ventura Lambrate exhibitions, as seen by Architonic

Join us on our photographic journey through the streets of this year’s edition of Ventura Lambrate which took place earlier last week during Milan’s Salone del Mobile fair. In the first installment of Architonic’s popular photo tours, we showcase the up-and-coming talents who presented their innovations and inspiring products and materials within the Lambrate area.


With nearly 100 images featuring the most interesting creations from Supercycles, NIGHTSHOP, Danish Crafts, Jolan van der Wiel, In Residence Design, Atelier Belge, Han Gallery, Den Herder Production House and Plus Design Gallery, you might even end up thinking you were there yourself. Enjoy!


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'Everyday table' by Linea1

The German Design Council curated – at this year’s Milan Fair for the second time – an exhibition focused on outstanding contemporary German design. Alongside with products of namable German brands there will be prototypes created by young German designers, such as Mark Braun, llot llov and Formfjord. Design Deutschland 2011 will be on show at Carrozzeria in Via Tortona 32.


'MOA' Basket-series by Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau

With her sophisticated glass-fibre stool ‘Nido’ Eva Marguerre received the biggest reputation a young designer like her can dream of. Together with Marcel Besau she now launched a new series of baskets which is based on a completely new material combination out of elastic yarn and resin.

'MOA' Basket-series by Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau

“The basic form is built of innumerable crisscross spanned Lycra-yarns where every route is different, leading somewhere from bottom to top or someway from right to left, seemingly without beginning and end. The outcome of this is an interwoven elastic net, that is afterwards drenched in resin and pressed over a suitable form. Thus, the formerly two-dimensional flexible structure is transformed into a three-dimensional form, creating fruit-, newspaper-, and paper-basket which are solidified by hardening of the resin”, the designers explain.

Marcel Besau

Eva Marguerre

'MOA' Basket-series by Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau

Material: elastic yarn and resin
Basket types: paper-, newspaper-, and fruit-basket
Colors: black, yellow, turquoise, mixed colors
Weight: 440g, 320g, 210g
Waterproof and washable
Baskets of daily use for the residential area

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Fibres are interwoven and wrapped in different different patters on certain anchor points

Looking from a distance, the glaring red “Nido” stools seem to be fragile, anyhow, while sitting on them, they turn out to be very robust. At the same time, however, weighing about 900 grams, they are nearly light as a feather. Form and function of the stools are interwoven so successfully, owing to their construction of fibreglass drenched in resin.

The raw uncoated Nido stool

Eva Marguerre developed a production procedure, by which the fibres are connected and wrapped in different ways. So, starting with the basic model, individual stools evolve with different patterns and structures. The finished stools playfully contrast the flexibility of the original material and his hardening by the resin because the character of the fiberglass softness is still to be seen. Moreover, the resin makes the stools weatherproof and light resistant, and therefore also suitable for balcony and garden.

Varnishing process

All different Nido models

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