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'Chairik' by Erik Magnussen and Eske Kath for Engelbrechts

‘Chairik’ by Erik Magnussen and Eske Kath for Engelbrechts

The signature stacked houses of illustrator Eske Kath adorn a limited edition of Danish furniture brand Engelbrechts’ popular ‘Chairik’, a stacking chair originally designed by Erik Magnussen in 1996.



Inspired by the designer´s own left hand

'Plateau' by Erik Magnussen for Engelbrechts

Erik Magnussen´s lounge chair was a challenge for the Danish manufacturer Engelbrechts, for whom he designed it for: even though the seat is quite deep and the shape is pretty complex, the cover consists of only two pieces of textile or leather, one for the inside of the seat and backrest and one for the outside. This has led to new production processes that minimise sewing.

The wide armrest, which gave the chair its name ‘Plateau’, offers enough space for drinks, remote controls or even a laptop.

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