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Tue 7.12.

‘Harbour Chair’ by Edward Robinson (UK)

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'Harbour Chair' by Edward Robinson

This wide, protruding armchair was created by the young British designer and graduate from Northumbria University Edward Robinson. Made from aluminium and coated in a soft rubberized paint, the upholstered ‘Harbour Chair’ offers, with its large armrests space for belongings, storage and even a place to rest you head.

The chair was introduced at this year’s 100%Design in London.


The One Year On satellite event at London's annual New Designers show features the work of motivated designers who have been in business for less than 12 months

Left brain. Right brain. If we’re to believe all that pop-neurology, you’re either a creative type or someone who just loves solving maths problems. Design manufacturer and retailer Thorsten van Elten, curator of One Year On, the show for entrepreneurial designers, explains how it’s all about firing on both brain cylinders…


'Spun Stool' by Edward Robinson

‘Spun Stool’ by Edward Robinson

The young British designer Edward Robison is presenting this aluminium stool within the Northumbria University’s exhibition at this year’s 100%Futures at Earls Court. The well proportioned rotated hollow, which consists of two pieces, is the result of a collaboration between the 23 year old designer and a craftsman with 40 years experience. (more…)

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Spun Stool’ by Edward Robinson at the 100%Futures