February 2020
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'loll' side table by e27

Within the ‘Made in Berlin’ exhibition which was set up by DMY and Create Berlin during this year’s Milan Design Week the Berlin based practice e27 presented these new pieces, made from laser cut steel sheet.

'loll' side table by e27

“The idea of ‘loll’ is to transfer the idea of stretching metal from 2d to 3d into furniture solutions. stretching the laser cut steel sheet up to maximal strain creates a static equilibrium. with this simple but ingenious technique, a metal sheet just 3 mm thick has been turned into a lounger and a coffee table”, the designers explain.

'loll' chaise longue by e27

'loll' chaise longue by e27

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'Malva' by ett la benn

During this year’s Milan Design Week the contemporary design platform DMY Berlin will be presenting new prototypes and innovative concepts by seven Berlin based design studios. The exhibition, which is coordinated together with Create Berlin will be set up within the beautiful but rough space at Officina in Via Tortona 31.

“‘Malva’ by ett la benn is a furniture collection inspired by the natural qualities of cellulose and viscose: the objects are generated by the forming of moistened sponge cloth and its subsequent air drying on a mould. By simply compressing or connecting several components, numerous variations and extensions of Malva can be generated.”

'Lift' by Mark Braun

'stitching furniture' by Studio Aisslinger

“The ‘stitching furniture’ project by Studio Aisslinger combines new high technologies, applied to traditional stitching techniques, with a collection of edited textile objects.
The objects of the “stiching furniture” collection – armchairs, stools, bowls and lamps – are “plotted” onto a carrier by the means of a programmable stitching machine in order to create a “pop-up-object”, that raises from the surface as if it was extruded into its third dimension. The stitched textile honeycomb structures are resin-impregnated in order to make them rigid and constructive. The result is a series of extremely light and transparent objects, that seem to float in the space as textile 3D-meta-networks.”

'Pit' by e27

'Clark' by llot llov

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