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Tue 20.12.

‘Vase & Leuchte’ lamp by Miriam Aust for Dua (DE)

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Vase & Leuchte lamp by Miriam Aust for Dua

Although a lamp consisting of a lightbulb submerged in water might sound like a highly-hazardous concept to say the least, the young German designer Miriam Aust has found her solution to this seemingly-impossible idea which resulted in creation of this striking series of lights-cum-vases. Called just that, the award-winning ‘Vase & Leuchte’ consists of three, differently-sized clear glass lamps composed from an archetypal pendant lampshade surrounded by a cylinder, which can be filled with water and decorated with water plants or cut flowers. (more…)

Fri 30.10.

‘Bewegungsleuchte’ by Dua

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'Bewegungsleuchte' by Dua

'Bewegungsleuchte' by Dua, photo by Tanja Evers

The Cologne-based interdisciplinary collective Dua presented this sophisticated suspension lamp at this year’s ‘Neue Räume’ in Zürich. Due to a smart pulley machanism the lamp can be freely positioned in the room.

'Bewegungsleuchte' by Dua

'Bewegungsleuchte' by Dua, photo by Tanja Evers

“The light is suspended from four counterbalances that hang from each corner of the room, so that the lamp can be moved and remains in place in almost every position. It illuminates where light is desired and conforms to each individual situation. The material of the lampshade contains wood shavings, that create a pleasant and natural ambience. Each light fitment is unique because of its arbitrary dispersion.”

'Bewegungsleuchte' by Dua, photo by Tanja Evers

'Bewegungsleuchte' by Dua, photo by Tanja Evers

The fitment is a hand-made low volume production wich is manufactured in Germany.

shade: synthetic resin, wood

cable: textile

weights: stainless steel, grey iron

shade size: H/W 30/13cm

Technical alterations can be subject to change.

to the Dua website

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Bewegungsleuchte’ by Dua