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'Holo' pendant lamp by Patrycja Domanska; photo by Paris Tsitsos

A young Polish-born Vienna-based designer Patrycja Domanska has recently created this simple metal pendant lamp whose colour changes once the design heats up. Made of spun aluminium, ‘Holo’ is coated with a special thermochromic paint which fades from vivid turquoise to white when the lamp reaches 31 〫C (as seen in the video below). The design will be presented at Designersblock Milan 2012 which will take place as part of MOST during this year’s Salone del Mobile. (more…)

Where is Nemo? The biomorphic 'Rings' stool by Claire-anne O'Brien, reminiscent of the great star coral

Claire-anne O’Brien, the young Irish-born London-based designer and last year’s RCA graduate (MA Textiles) has expanded her collection of meticulously-detailed knitted furniture, which, for the second consecutive year, was on show at Designersblock during the London Design Festival. This time, O’Brien drew her inspiration from the beauty and structural complexity of aquatic life, with some of the new designs, such as the above-pictured ‘Rings’ or ‘Cnoic’ bearing a striking resemblance to the intricate structure of a coral. (more…)

Claire-Anne O'Brien's knitted 'Stools' use scale playfully to create sculptural forms that acknowledge the structure of knitting

Young Irish-born, London-based designer Claire-Anne O’Brien is not the first person to apply knitting to product and furniture design. But what’s particular about her work, shown recently at Designersblock during the London Design Festival, is its compelling formal quality. O’Brien creates pieces that border on highly defined sculpture, but which don’t conceal the stuff of their construction; instead they celebrate, in a humorous play on scale, the very structure of knitting.


'RAISE ME UP' power board by Yoo Kjung Shin

Korean-born, London-based young designer Yoo Kyung Shin has designed an electrical-power board that allows you to remove plugs from it easily. A conventional socket board requires the user to place one hand on it, while using the other to pull out the plug. ‘RAISE ME UP”s design enables this everyday task to be done with one hand.


'DALT' bookcase by Kenyon Yeh

Can’t work out those diagrammatic assembly instructions that come with your IKEA flat-packed product (let alone lay your hands on an Allen key)? Young, London-based designer Kenyon Yeh, who studied in Taiwan before completing a master’s in product design at London’s Kingston University, has created a collection of furniture pieces called ‘UNIKEA’ that introduce difference into sameness by deliberately going off-piste in construction terms.


'Awkward' tables by Marte Frøystad, as part of the Furuhaelvetica project

Pine. When it comes to furniture design, it’s not really the kind of wood to set the heart racing. Think of pine and a raft of rather negative images comes all too readily to mind: bargain furniture outlet stores, student accommodation, cheaply made 1980s kitchens. You get the picture. But it’s all in the application, as a group of young Norwegian designers, collaborating as part of an ongoing workshop called Furuhaelvetica, proved at this year’s Designersblock show during the London Design Festival.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Furuhaelvetica’ workshop at Designersblock at the London Design Festival (NO)