July 2020

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'Form Pendants' by Form Us With Love for Design House Stockholm

John Löfgren, Jonas Pettersson and Petrus Palmér, the trio behind Sweden’s award-winning design studio Form Us With Love have revisited and reinterpreted one of the most universally recognised archetypes, the light bulb. As a result, a neat 3-piece collection of white semi-opaque mouth-blown

glass pendants is now being produced by Design House Stockholm. Pared-down yet decidedly eye-catching, ‘Form Pendans’ were also exhibited at ‘Form Us With Friends’ exhibition which was on show at The Swedish Museum of Architecture during this year’s edition of Stockholm Design Week.


Detail of Erik Höglund's blue bowl from the 'Folded Rim' collection; photo courtesy of Vet Hut

Tucked away in the forests of Småland, southern Sweden – a region which is also known as the Swedish ‘Kingdom of Crystal’ – Vet Hut Glassworks is the latest creative project of Design House Stockholm. Launched in the summer last year as a ‘new centre for creativity, experience and border-crossing collaborations on glass and design’, the small-sale, manual glassworks specialises in high-quality, limited edition items made of mouth-blown molten glass. Providing an antidote to the anonymity of mass-produced goods, each item crafted at Vet Hut is treated as ‘an individual which bears with it its own narrative in air bubbles, birth marks and shifting colour nuances,’ qualities which are clearly visible in the ‘Folded Rim’ collection. (more…)

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Folded Rim’ by Vet Hut Glassworks, Design House Stockholm (SE)