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Thu 20.12.

‘SW’ collection by OeO for Stellar Collections (CN)

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Detail for the daybed from the 'SW' collection by Nic Graham for Stellar Collections

Detail for the daybed from the ‘SW’ collection by OeO for Stellar Collections

Copenhagen-based design studio OeO have realised this Bauhaus-referencing seating collection for the Shanghai-based furniture brand Stellar Collections. Developed in natural oak, leather and fabric, the ‘SW’ collection comprises two upholstered, softly-hued designs; a sofa and a daybed. (more…)

‘FK01 Theban’ daybed by Ferdinand Kramer reissued by e15

The German furniture brand e15 has recently introduced a reedited version of this iconic woven daybed originally designed by the acclaimed architect and designer Ferdinand Kramer in 1925. Inspired by the cultural heritage of Ancient Egypt, ‘FK01 Theban’ comes in either solid oak or walnut while its hand-woven body is available in a textile or tanned leather version. The design is part of an eight-piece collection of Kramer’s designs which have been relaunched earlier this year by e15. (more…)

Wed 14.3.

‘Pause’ daybed by Andreas Mikutta (DE)

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Detail of the 'Pause' daybed by Andreas Mikutta; photo courtesy of the designer

A young German cabinetmaker and product designer Andreas Mikutta has recently realised this subtle and beautifully simple daybed made out of soap-treated ash wood. Almost ascetic in its appearance, the austerity of ‘Pause’ is softened by a stack of richly coloured pure wool and leather cushions which contrast with and liven the charcoal grey of the mattress and the subdued hue of the wooden frame. Aimed to ‘advocate calmness and tranquility in life’, the daybed was presented at the [D³] Contest during this year’s edition of imm cologne. (more…)

'Drop Outdoor' convertible seat by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri; photo by Andrea Martiradonna

Following the original, indoor version of the convertible seat-to-daybed piece called ‘Drop’, the designer and architect Leonardo Perugi unveiled this latest updated edition of his design destined for outdoor use. (more…)

'Series One': Another Country's first collection: coffee table, stool, kids' stool, kids' step

On the occasion of this year’s London Design Week, the new British manufacturer Another Country will launch its first collection of contemporary craft furniture. Owned by Paul de Zwart, the founding publisher of Wallpaper* magazine, Another Country focuses on archetypal design quality, using familiar and unpretentious forms of traditional woodwork.


Wed 12.5.

‘Hat-Hat’ by Katrin Greiling (SE)

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'Hat-Hat' by Katrin Greiling

Commissioned in connection to the Wallpaper exhibition “Handmade” in Milan, the German-Swedish designer Katrin Greiling created this new piece of furniture for both sitting and sleeping, inspired by the bedouins way of furnishing their tents: “when the tent is set up and the carpets rolled out the saddle is taken off the camel and put inside the tent and functions as leaning support whilst sitting on the floor. The name ‘Hat-Hat’ derives from the phrase the Bedouins use to get the camels to move.”

'Hat-Hat' by Katrin Greiling

”To live in a foreign culture presents fantastic opportunities to apply my own Scandinavian expression on the new, the result is unexpected design related discoveries and subjective interpretations” says Katrin Greiling.

It is not the first time Katrin Greiling finds inspiration in nomadic culture. Deviding her time between Dubai and Stockholm, she is working with both Swedish and international producers. Her sofa Bedouin was for example used in the United Emirates pavillion during the Venice biennal last year.

'Hat-Hat' by Katrin Greiling

Katrin Greiling

to the Katrin Greiling profile @ Architonic

'Kuboletto' by Enzo Palmisciano for Milano Bedding

From ottoman to a bed, from sofa to a chair, from bench to a deck chair – ‘Kuboletto’ is the new multi purpose upholstery the Italian manufacturer Milano Bedding presented during this year’s Salone del Mobile.

'Kuboletto' by Enzo Palmisciano

'Kuboletto' by Enzo Palmisciano

'Kuboletto' by Enzo Palmisciano

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'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

Italian design manufacturer Cerruti Baleri has launched a new seat/daybed at the 2010 Maison et Objet fair in Paris. Called ‘Drop’ and designed by architect Leonardo Perugi, its reduced, highly geometric form invites the user to transform its shape according to their mood.

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

The drop-like shape of the head pillow has both an aesthetic and a practical function. Through a geometric fit, it structurally locks the seat in its closed position without the need for any fastening device.


In interview with Dailytonic at Maison et Objet, Perugi explained that ‘Drop’ ‘is something you can use as a suit. You wear this piece. It’s for you, your body, your life. You can use it to create new situations. It’s not a fossil or a museum piece. It’s to be used every day. Like a garment.’

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

Perugi is flattered by comments that his design is reminsicent of the ‘radicalism and informalism’, as he describes it, of 1960s Italian furniture design. ‘Many people say this is from the 60s and link it to the work of Joe Colombo,’ he told Dailytonic. ‘I’m very proud of this. It’s a huge compliment for me. Although, it’s a big responsibility and there’s pressure to do something even better next time.’


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