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'Aluminium Mirror' by Daniel Rybakken

'Aluminium Mirror' by Daniel Rybakken, all Photos by Kalle Sanner

At this year’s Salone Satellite the young Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken called international attention with his poetic and subtle works – an won straightly the Design Report Award 2009. At this year’s London Design Festival Daniel will show his work at the ‘Norwegian prototypes’ exhibition at the Bodhi Gallery on 214 Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

'Aluminium Mirror' by Daniel Rybakken

'Aluminium Mirror' by Daniel Rybakken

The ‘Aluminium Mirror’ is made of a single piece of aluminium – first CNC-milled, then polished. It can be wall-mounted in four different positions.

The front of the 5kg-mirror is angled to create different reflections and compositions based on from which angle it is hung. The mirror is very easily recyclable because it consists of only one raw material, ready to be made into something different.

'Aluminium Mirror' by Daniel Rybakken

'Aluminium Mirror' by Daniel Rybakken

Production process

Production process

to ‘Surface Daylight’ by Daniel Rybakken

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‘Surface Daylight’ by Daniel Rybakken

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'A subconscious effect of daylight'

The light inside the surface

At this year´s Salone Satellite the indoor lighting by the Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken is indeed a highlight.

The LED-lamp of ‘Surface Daylight’ is placed behind the white, transluscent surfaces and creates a distorted light-shape. Almost like an optical illusion it seems like direct sunlight streams into the room.

“The project continues my thoughts and ideas behind ‘subconscious effect of daylight’ and ‘daylight comes in sideways’, says Daniel.

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