July 2020

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'Architect's Table / White Drawers' by Daniel Klapsing & Philipp Schöpfer for 45 Kilo

‘Architect’s Table / White Drawers’ by Daniel Klapsing & Philipp Schöpfer for 45 Kilo

Daniel Klapsing and Philipp Schöpfer’s ‘Architect’s Table / White Drawers’ was designed to improve on the classic crossbar table base by architect Egon Eiermann. Improvement say the designers, “in terms of simple production, economical use of material, disassembly, easy mounting and last but not least legroom.”



Hang Jack pendant light by 45 Kilo, photographer Paul Schoepfer

Hang Jack is the hanging edition of 45 Kilo’s floor lamp ‘Jack in the Box’.
It is handmade of polished brass and offers 16 outlets for enough power from above…


'Jack in the Box' by 45 kilo

‘Jack in the Box’ is the newest work by the German design duo 45 Kilo, founded by Bauhaus Universität graduates Daniel Klapsing and Philipp Camille Schöpfer. Inspired by typical power outlets hanging above working benches ‘Jack in the Box’ provides a flexible and well-sorted use of a multi-plug connector. It is made of bent steel, teak, cables and sockets.

45 Kilo will exhibit at this year’s DMY festival in Berlin within the Youngster exhibition.

Elegant base: 'Jack in the Box' by 45 kilo

Here is what the designers explain:

“Desktop working spaces include a lot of technology that is usually powered by cables. We wanted to create something around this because we like to work so much.

Taking a closer look at this may result in a passive or an active design. Either you don’t care about how it looks and you stay flexible to any changes because it’s chaotic anyway. Or you may get pedantic and put everything in channels to hide it all, but then you would not dare to change your configuration or to put your charger in a socket. Jack in the box is something in-between, it allows you to create a flexible, chaotic yet structured working area. As accessory there are these bulbs that you may plug.”

'Jack in the Box' by 45 kilo

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