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‘Baladi’ stainless steel cutlery by Galia Tammuz

Inspired by the local tradition and culture of food sharing, a young Israeli designer Galia Tammuz has created this understated tableware collection consisting of stainless steel cutlery, earthenware cups and wooden trays. Called ‘Baladi,’ the design of the series was based on, and achieved through, the relatively inexpensive and simple process of extrusion. As a result, each of the pieces features a distinctive, recurring pattern which has been moulded by the extrusion die. The collection was presented at Milan’s Ventura Lambrate as part of the TLV Express collective exhibition. (more…)

Fri 23.10.

Takaoka Crafts Competition 2009 in Japan

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Glass-porcelain fusion by Misa Tanaka

Glass-porcelain fusion by Misa Tanaka, 2nd prize

The Takaoka Crafts Competition is one of the most distinguished and followed craft events in Japan. Recently this year’s winning products were announced.

My favourite submission ‘Shizukana Sora’ (engl.: Quiet Sky) by Misa Tanaka – a collection of porcelain dishes with glass bases – was awarded with the 2nd prize.

'Coil Vessel' by Ken Noguchi, 1st prize

'Coil Vessel' by Ken Noguchi, 1st prize

Interpreting the traditional Japanese art of lacquerware, Ken Noguchi created his ‘Coil Vessel’ made from lacquer, hemp and paper string. He won the 1st prize.

'Zabuton' by Junpei Tatsuno

'Zabuton' by Junpei Tatsuno

These cushions by Junpei Tatsuno are used for sitting and molded out of Paulownia wood from the Aizu region.

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