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'We all contain things' ceramic vessels by Derek Wilson

‘We all contain things’ ceramic vessels by Derek Wilson

‘We all contain things’, a series of ceramic vessels by Derek Wilson, is one of several works by more than 30 Irish designers and craftspeople on show at the Justus Lipsius Building in Brussels, the headquarters of the Council of the European Union, as part of a showcase for the best of Irish craft and design.



Casket with lib by Manfred Schmid

An important component of the Japanese art of lacquerwork is the special technique known as ‘urushi’, which uses many layers of wafer-thin, semi-transparent lacquer to create a surface of almost mystical radiance and sensual depth. Today the urushi guild is facing new challenges and is opening its doors to new members in order to safeguard the survival of its craft. The result is the establishment of a dialogue with modern designers from all around the world, whose fascination with Japanese lacquer craftsmanship has prompted them to create their own works using lacquer.


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'Tool boxes' by Line Depping

For the fourth time the Danish association for the support of craft and design will present a selection of works during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. This year the Copenhagen based designer takes over from Karen Kjærgaard, who curated and designed the three previous exhibitions.

“”MINDCRAFT11 will be based on the terms that I consider eternal and essential in relation to quality craft and design: Quality, Functionality, Materiality”, Ceclie Manz explains – principles that we can actually see in this year’s selection and in her own works, too.


'artisanat du sud', side tables produced in Morocco, by Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot, 2011

The Paris based designer duo Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logerot realised these fantastic projects in cooperation with local associations and skilled workers from Cambodia and Morocco. ‘artisanat du sud’ is the newest series of furniture handcrafted by women from Akka oasis in Morocco. The tables tops are made from woven palm leaves.


A bar top made by pouring: the London based designers of Studio Glithero realised a 6 meter bar made from layers of fast-hardening fluid for the Corinthia Hotel in London. The processing of the beautiful piece was captured in this artfully performed video documentation. Enjoy!

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'Ceres' by Lindsey Adelman, photo by Joseph de Leo

The New York based designer Lindsey Adelman recently exhibited her beautiful glass lamps at E.R. Butler & Co is Soho, manufacturer of her most recent work. The ‘Ceres’ collection – a series of technical yet sculptural appearing constructs – consists of brass branches with cylindrical light fittings combined with coloured glass tubes.


'Kalotte' by Sebastian Summa for Hugo Bräuer Metallwaren

By means of its relatively simple and artless old buildings one can see that Neukölln, since a few year’s one of the hippest quarters of Berlin, used to be a typical worker’s house area with many workshops and lots of small-scale industry once.

Some of these old workshops survived and with the help of some Berlin based designers one of them was even able to draw attention to a trade which has almost disappeared behind the globalised market. Together with the industrial designer Sebastian Summa, who is trained as a blacksmith and graduated at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, the 100 year’s old family owned metal spinning workshop Hugo Bräuer Metalware developed this beautiful series of suspension lamps.


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‘Linger’ by alvinT

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'Linger' by alvinT

'Linger' by alvinT

The Indonesian manufacturer alvinT developed this outdoor bench made of bamboo, which reflects like the other pieces of the company’s portofolio traditional local processing techniques combined with a modern design approach.

'Linger' by alvinT

'Linger' by alvinT

'Linger' by alvinT

'Linger' by alvinT

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