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Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design; photo by Edward Hendricks

A Singapore-based practice Ministry of Design have realised this dramatic, triangular permanent show gallery and tourist information centre in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin. Featuring characteristic sharp edges and sky-piercing roof, the 750-square meters Triple V Gallery encompasses three spaces of diverse functions: a tourist information centre, a gallery and a discussion lounge. Completed in only four months, the sea-facing pre-weathered Corten steel-clad building was officially opened in November 2011. (more…)

Endémico Resguardo Silvestre by Gracia Studio; photo by Luis Gracia

To prevent the development from disturbing its spectacular setting and to ‘respect nature in every possible way’, architect Jorge Enrique Gracia García along with his San Diego-based practice Gracia Studio has realised this group of 20 free-standing hotel rooms located in Baja California’s Valle de Guadalupe. At 20-square-meters each, the corten steel-clad, elegantly furnished rooms follow a concept of ‘a “deluxe” camping houses, covering the guest’s basic needs, being in contact with nature and the environment.’ (more…)

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Monteagudo Museum by Amann Cánovas Maruri (ES)

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Monteagudo Museum by Amann Cánovas Maruri; photo by David Frutos

Yet another hotspot on Spain’s already-impressive map of wonderful, if sometimes bizarre, museums, this Monteagudo Museum has been realised by the Madrid-based practice Amann Cánovas Maruri in 2010. Known also as Centro de Visitantes de San Cayetano, the two-storey building is located on a site of high archeological importance, on a hill of Monteagudo, in the south-eastern Region of Murcia. Featuring an intricately-detailed, weathering steel façade which envelopes the otherwise austere, concrete building, the museum ‘tends to adapt to multiple boundary conditions, responding to the preservation of the remains, with special attention to the integration into the hillside.’


The Waterhouse in Shanghai by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, photo by Derryck Menere

This successful conversion of a 1930s Japanese Army headquarter into a 19-room boutique hotel, located at the new Cool Docks development on the South Bund District of Shanghai, was realised by the locally based Neri & Hu Design and Research Office. The architectural concept behind NHDRO’s renovation rests on a clear contrast of what is old and new.


Office Building Audenasa by VAILLO + IRIGARAY, photo by Jose Manuel Cutillas

The Navarra based architectural practice VAILLO + IRIGARAY realised this office building for Audenasa, a Spanish motorway company. The drawn-out complex, built on stilts, is characterised by a finned corten steel facade along the street-facing frontage. The remaining shady facade is made from used care tires behind a metal fence.


Bordings Independent School by Dorte Mandrup Architects

Bordings Independent School by Dorte Mandrup Architects, photo by Torben Eskerod

Earlier this year the Danish Dorte Mandrup Architects realised the extension of the Bordings Independent School close to the beautiful lakes of Østerbro in Copenhagen.

View from the school yard

View from the school yard, photo by Torben Eskerod

Here is what the architects explain:

The site and surroundings
The existing buildings of Bordings Independent School are beautifully situated by the lakes in Copenhagen. The main building is set back from the road, and the façade towards the lakes is primarily shaped by the new building, the gym and the gates toward the two courts of the school.
The school is situated between two urban structures, the traditional block-structure with 4-5 storey buildings and the close and intimate structure of the row houses “Kartoffelrækkerne”.
The façade facing the lakes is characterized by the alternation between the block structure and the row house structure, the expression is diverse and green.

Extension of the Bordings Independent School by Dorte Mandrup Architects, photo by Torben Eskerod

Extension of the Bordings Independent School by Dorte Mandrup Architects, photo by Torben Eskerod

Architectural main-idea
The urban main idea is to create a building that expresses the transition between the larger scale of the block-structure and the smaller and more intimate scale of the row houses. Despite the site’s location in the extension of the traditional block and to emphasize the transition to a smaller scale, the building is located as a separate element between the two scale steps.
Through a shift in the main volume of the façade, the building is cut away from the existing building, and thereby is perceived as a separated yet harmonious part of the façade as a whole.

The composition of the new building is sculptural as opposed to the surface composition of the block to enhance the depth in the transition from the street façade to the school courtyard behind.

The new building is formed to ensure a large degree of flexibility, so the use of the inner spaces can change over time.

The building consists of three elements: the imprint into the ground, the volume and the screen

The imprint

An area larger than the footprint of the building is excavated creating a courtyard-area below the existing courtyard. This opens the lower façade to the light, and creates an extra outer space in relation to the basement.

Façade made of perforated Corten Steel, photo by Torben Eskerod

Façade made of perforated Corten Steel, photo by Torben Eskerod

The Volume

The concrete slabs are carried by the facades parallel to the existing neighbouring building. This creates a maximum of flexibility without carrying pillars or dividing walls. Towards east and west the facades are fully glazed for a maximum of light transmission. The carrying facades are done in recycled bricks from the building that was demolished from the site. The tradition of the pupils being allowed to do an inscription in a brick is thereby carried on into the new building and the future of the school.

The Screen

The screen is done in perforated Corten Steel. It is folded around the corner and the new balcony to create a façade parallel to the façade of the existing gym. The difference between the façade line and the rectangle of the volume creates a depth in the façade that diffuses and brings warmth to the light before entering the building. The screen thus works as a sunscreen as well as a visual screen towards the street. Finally cuts in the screen frames specific views towards the lake.

Basement, Bordings Independent School by Dorte Mandrup Architects, photo by Torben Eskerod

Basement, Bordings Independent School by Dorte Mandrup Architects, photo by Torben Eskerod


The building is entered from the big excavated staircase towards east and from the two steel staircases towards east and west.

The Basement

The basement houses the music classes for amplified music, a small recording studio and storage. The music classroom can be opened through a large sliding door towards the outside space and the large staircase that can serve as seating for an audience on summer nights.

Ground Floor

The ground floor consists of one large room serving primarily as classroom for music classes for acoustical instruments and at the same time as a gathering hall for the daily gatherings and special events for the whole school. Toilet, wardrobe and storage are placed in a zone towards the existing neighbouring building.

First Floor

The first floor also consists of one room for the art and crafts classes. In the corner, and in open connection to the primary room, large sinks and steel tables are placed in a niche. The storage zone is again placed towards the existing neighbour.

Materials and construction

The house is built as a simple concrete structure with an outer brick façade in recycled bricks. The screen is done in perforated corten steel sheets. Both materials patinate beautifully and need no maintenance.

The facades are done in oil treated hardwood frames with outside mullions of painted aluminium.

The basements walls inside and out are done in on-site cast concrete. The upper staircases are done in painted steel. The floors are done in linoleum.

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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Bordings Independent School in Copenhagen / Danmark by Dorte Mandrup Architects